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Posters glossy / The glossy poster - skeletal system, 60x78 cm

The glossy poster - skeletal system, 60x78 cm. Артикул: POK25515

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Features: Description:
Артикул: POK25515_60x78_1_0_0_no_1
Brand: PosterOk
Production: Ukraine
Size: 60x78
Poster with glossy coating. SKU: POK25515_60x78_1_0_0_no_1 the poster is manufactured to order, production time: 3 day. Size: 60x78 see the Structure of the human muscular system.Tags: muscular system, human, anatomy, medicine, physiology, biology, for schools, for physicians, for physicians, the structure of the muscular system. You can also download and print the image on the website

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The glossy poster - skeletal system, 60x78 cm
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Posters are made within 3 working days, printing on glossy photo paper Lomond. If You wish to print any other image or in other sizes, You can use the service Glossy paper is the result of further processing on the calender. Primarily used for making promotional products. The poster is made, this paper does not require additional clearance, and looks great in its pure form on the wall. Best print quality on glossy paper, the saturation of colors and shades, suitable for printing any photos. If you are in search of an original gift for their loved ones, relatives or colleagues, then you will definitely like our offer of glossy posters! To buy in the store for search queries: .


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hdd2: Im glad that the item is in stock, but how soon will I receive it? when ordering I noted that the payment - cash on delivery.
→ Delivery today send, days 5-6 can pick up at the post office.

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