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Retainer-strap (pendant not included)
Triple chrome ring
Steel weighting of the scrotum - the average size
Black leather snap-on penis
Long leather snap-on penis
Leather lock straps
The locking mechanism in the form of a parachute
The metal clip on the penis silver
Steel weighting of the scrotum - small size
Leather clip for men
Leather snap-on penis
Clip metal testicles
Leather snap-on penis effective
Black leather locking
SALE! The male retainer.
Leather snap-on penis lace-up
The metal clip on the penis transparent
Bags Ling
The latch on the penis with spikes
Leather retainer-strap on penis
Black leather locking rivet
Silicone pouch for the scrotum
The metal ring is on the scrotum (3) Large Ball Stretcher Weight for CBT
Black snap-on penis ring
Fashion clip on penis silver color
Wooden clamp for a scrotum
Ring retainer Horseshoe
SALE! Steel retainer on the penis
Leather lock - rainbow
Leather retainer to maintain the erection
The latch on the penis
Silicone clip on penis
Lock black for men
The latch on the CBT penis Ball
The latch on the penis silver
Unique leather retainer
Soft latch on the penis
Black snap-on penis
Spikes with lock for penis
Cork with chain and Ring
Silver clamp for a scrotum
Fashion clip on penis
SALE! Chrome ring on the penis L
Leather snap-on penis with five metal rings
The metal clip of three rings
Black metal retainer on the penis
The latch on the penis 16z
The lock on the penis in the form of plates
The latch on the penis
Silicone ring-retainer on the penis
Leather snap-on penis black
The Sextreme nipple clamps with metal cock ring
Ring on penis EXSTREME Metal
The latch on the penis with hexagon
The latch on the penis U shape
The latch on the penis leather
Highly secure locking mechanism - L
The latch on the penis - the Gates of hell
Wooden multi-purpose clamp testis / Ball crusher
Black triple ring clip on penis
The metal clip
A clamp for a scrotum
Retainer - Red ball
The lock - Triple ring
Fixative for men with ball
The latch on the penis ZS078
Crusher-a clamp for the penis
Silicone penis rings black
The latch on the penis from acrylic
Chastity device for penis with lock
Ring for the penis and scrotum with a leash
The latch on the penis with 3 rings
The latch on the penis for men black
The original metal clip on penis
The latch on the penis with nipple clamps

OUT OF STOCK / ON ORDER → The clips on penis

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
The metal clip on the penis
Silver triple ring
SALE! Leash and clip with 2 rings
The latch on the penis with hexagon
Red Crown Circus Made From Expensive Brass
Stainless steel scrotum weight-bearing ring / 8 shape heavy ball stretcher male
Leather locking penis
Silicone clip on penis black
wooden penis / scrotum clamp - s
Transparent silicone retainer for eggs
Chrome ring on the penis S
The locking spikes
The metal clip with 2 rings
Stainless Steel CBT Device / Stainless Steel aggravating ball stretcher
Transparent lock for a penis with a metal mount
TPR Annex Erection Enhancer Sex-Toys for Men - Clear
Stainless steel ball weight testicular stretcher bondage CBT
22oz Cock
The latch on penis stainless steel
The latch on the penis with metal clips
Stainless Steel CBT Device / Stainless Steel aggravating scrotum compression barre
TPR Annex Erection Enhancer Sex-Toys for Men - Blue
Lock leash
Retainer - Black ball
Chrome ring on the penis - M
TPR Annex Erection Enhancer Sex-Toys for Men - Red
The massive latch on the penis
The metal clip
Ultimate Male Lockdown System
The metal clip to the wall
Silicone testis bound pouch BLACK
The locking mechanism of quality leather
The latch on the penis Cockring Submission
6 Screws CBT Tool
Golden Crown Circus Made From Expensive Brass


the Clips for the penis are used to secure the penis and testicles. Different ways of having fun are forced to seek new sensations in the stimulation of the genital organs. Reliable, smooth form of nozzles for penis enlargement are not allowed to injure themselves and their sexual organs, because all components of the metal clips for the penis is perfectly polished and will not bring your body any scratches. A variety of clamps for penis, suitable for every taste and desire of all lovers of sexual satisfaction. A variety of sex games not count because of the use cases can be many. One of the options to use when hard sexual games. Everything is in your hands - the main thing is to know when to stop. To buy in the store The clips on penis Fixation penis, Clips for a member for search queries: .


Anonymous: If I get the item in the mail, then I shall come home a notice? I hope there will not be indicated that the goods of intimate purpose?


Provided will not be exact. But the probability that the message will reach Your mailbox 50%, so it is advisable to apply within a week after sending in the mail.

Ninv: do you have shipping in Georgia / Article: IXI29137


Free mail delivery to all countries of Europe and CIS.

Anonymous: Say such a thing in the vagina to use. / Article: DEL3885


If Im careful.

irina: What balls are better more effective for strengthening the muscles?


Recommend ordinary silicone balls with a displaced center of gravity and a silicone thread, such as: DEL3890, DEL4108 and others.

111: prompt for men weight 68 kg height 170? and maetrial to touch what? / Article: IXI15877


Hello, Yes the size should fit, the feel is smooth, rubberized fabric.

vitaliy: Tell me if I can use their bonuses and, if so, how?


Detailed information on the page

Elena: IXI15542 one size (S/M) please Tell me I would not do this model,EXHAUST gas FROM ABOUT 74cm 96cm 98cm / Article: IXI15542


Is too small, You need size L, and this model in one universal size.

Gregory: what is the cost of this Preparata and where to buy it? / Article: DEL2815


454 UAH but at the moment it is not available.

Stas: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you. / Article: TOY9144



Name: well, if under the order ? / Article: IXI15844


please complete the form near the product AVAILABILITY notification

Jaroslav: Ordered it all perfectly. By the way the ICQ, it was necessary to clarify the account of the order responded within 10 minutes.

Olga: Good evening !!! today received the goods, quality and look very happy!!! but... the corset that I ordered a little too big for me , possible to exchange to size S SKU 12352?


Hello, You can exchange this product.

Lilinka: I cant get through((( Yesterday miraculously got through on the mobile, he said that the base does not work... the Shop is open or not?!


Hello, we have no problems with communication there, 90% of calls successfully processed.

Sema: Please enroll bonuses with order No. 69154 Login SemaSTALKER


bonuses are credited !

Elena: Leather lingerie is very good quality 15895! Very well regulated harnesses, not rubbing during sex, it is convenient to hang ! Recommend women loving bdsm and male wanting to give unforgettable emotions to their women! / Article: IXI14386

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The latch on the penis for men black
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The latch on the penis ZS078
The metal clip
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