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Catheters for urethral / The catheter BEADS strung beads

The catheter BEADS strung beads. Артикул: IXI25181

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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI25181
Weight: 0.2 kg.
Diameter: 0.8 cm
Length: 12 cm
Material: medical steel
Color: silver
The catheter BEADS strung beads made of medical stainless steel. Length 115mm, has 12 beads, beads-beads with a diameter of 12 mm, diameter 8 mm, without holes. the weight is about 30 g.

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the first time the use of a catheter for the urethra the feeling is a little reminiscent of a pleasant but rather painful. Over time, the body relaxes the muscles and slowly begins to enjoy it, only then can we begin to stimulate the urethra. If to combine such manipulations with the Blowjob you can get a completely different kind of orgasm. Also with the help of a catheter, you can either pour the cleaned fluid inside the bladder or to pump her out. To have sex with a catheter very unusual and very emotional. Its worth a try. But it is worth remembering that in skilled hands the use of the catheter can lead to vivid and unforgettable sensations and inept to the frequent injury of the urethra that brings pretty bad consequences. To buy in the store for search queries: .


Anonymous: Hello,tell me what the best be harnessed day at the office, walking on the street, in a restaurant....faloimitator ORI522902 or stimulant DEL7461 or offer something else, ready to order dont know what, help me, please. Thanks in advance...

Ber: IXI48879 is definitely crocodile natural leather, or imitation?
→ This product is made of eco-leather.

Lilinka: I cant get through((( Yesterday miraculously got through on the mobile, he said that the base does not work... the Shop is open or not?!
→ Hello, we have no problems with communication there, 90% of calls successfully processed.

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