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Silicone stikine without a pattern
Stikine satin heart with tassels
Stikine wedding celebration
Stikine, black
Stikine, color silver brushes
Stikine Merlin with tassels
Stikine, heart in rhinestones
Stikine heart with tails
Stikine, maple leaf, 3 pairs
Stikine, in the shape of hearts roses black
Stikine satin hearts with red tassels
Stikine, in the shape of hearts
Erotic stikine
Silicone stikine
Charming stikine
Stickers on his chest in the form of web
Christmas stikine with panties
Silver Cross on nipples
Stickers on the nipples - Present
Vivid two-tone (Blue with pink), 6 pairs
Caution - dangerous, 6 pairs
Stickers on chest with skull
Stickers on the nipples in the form of an asterisk
Pink cross crosses for nipples
Stikine on his chest in the shape of hearts with roses
Stylish white stikine with sequins
Gold stikine with sequins
Pink stikine with Petke
Red stikine on the nipples with sequins
Purple stikine on the nipples with sequins
Shiny, stikine on the nipples with sequins
Bright stikine as asterisks
Stikine black nipples
Red-white stikine with sequins and tassels
Red smooth stikine on the nipples
Stikine, white with sequins

OUT OF STOCK / ON ORDER → Stikine (on the nipples)

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Stikine on the nipples
Stikine satin bows
Stikine on the nipples with black rhinestones
Stikine nipple chain
Stikine, in the shape of hearts roses
Beautiful stikine on the nipples with lace
Stikine is a stylish and popular women accessory. With the help of these intimate stuff You will be able to highlight their charms and especially their sexuality. They are very comfortable and can easily be glued to the nipple area. They are usually made from fabric or silicone. Stikine, there are a variety of shapes and colors. In the shape of hearts, flowers, geometric shapes, stars and even animals. Often, stikine decorated with twinkling crystals and pendants. Also, stikine use in the summer on the beach for complete sun Breasts. With the help of stikine, You can be part of a sexual image the inframammary corset. Stikine very simple and easy to use. They are glued on clean skin. And removed without problems. Surprise and delight your loved one with a new intimate accessory as stikine. Let your imagination run wild. To buy in the store Stikine (on the nipples), stickers for the chest, Stikine for search queries: stikine for tanning, how to glue, stikine, what to replace, stikine, sunbathing without stikine, stikine on the chest, stikine sun, stikine on the beach.


Anonymous: You ordered the black male chastity belt CB-6000, yesterday, wore, want to thank you for the awesome experience! Thank you!

Yuri: Order was sent quickly, but that has to report the Declaration number forgot. The item came on Saturday, calling anyone I could not, and the message number Declaration came on Wednesday. New mail very reluctantly gives the parcel without Declaration number. I had girls to buy a little box of sweets, otherwise, my package would have gone back.


We apologize for this situation. Sorry but lining sometimes happen.

Pasha: not profitable to order novoapostol still need to pay for something that would be new money for the goods sent.why is it so???


Cash on delivery (Navapache, postal service or any other transport company) is always a high fee for money transfer. Purchasing prepaid exempt from the fee for cash on delivery.

Sladenush: Why the status of order # 38463 Deleted?


You have 2 order, we United them into one number 38464.

Angelica: Tell me how long that would it come from? / Article: IXI19856


15-20 days after pre-order on the website.

Alexander: Thank you for the prompt resolution of the claim!

Irynka: 1) and can photo szado? 2) the top push-up? / Article: IXI19135


Hello ! Extra photos are not provided, the push-up is missing.

Name: order number No. 66854, it clearly didnt work in xxx, a maximum of two, and sometimes even less, little magic unicorn, waiting for an order, and the size is not suitable. / Article: IXI15844

Svetlana: All fast and punctual,thank you!Going to drop by)))


Thank you.

Svetlana: Good day! Received the order, thank you very much, excellent quality, completed quickly! )) / Article: IXI12343


Thank you, this makes us very happy :)

Alexander: 1. Is it possible to pick up goods yourself(pickup)? The price of delivery so increases the price of condoms, which are cheaper to buy in the pharmacy. 2. When you are in the presence of condoms masculan? Thank you.


If You are in Kiev, You can the operator to specify the time and place of pickup. About condoms Masculan specific information is not available for a long time their has not and most likely will be soon.

Novel: here it seems everything is fine only when the mail comes product, your box saleana tape on which the name of your company, well, personally, I am opposed to the postal worker knew that I. the pie product at your firm and tembolee product of erotic nature!


When sending the post requires a typo boxes signature Scotch, in addition to our tape displayed only the logo and the main type of activity of our shop is the sale of sex products on this I think You have to worry about absolutely nothing.

Dmitry: Twice ordered goods. Quickly. Reliable. Beautiful. Neat. Well done. Keep it up!

Peter: order number 60624 and bonuses no


For bonuses You must have an account in our store, please sign up.

hdd2: the color of the crystal, if you make a reservation / Article: IXI13302


Hello, Your choice of color crystal, You can specify in note when ordering.

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Red-white stikine with sequins and tassels
Pink stikine with Petke
Stikine, white with sequins
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