If You decide to experiment in sex, then sex furniture is the perfect solution for couples. With such furniture You not only will feel comfortable in sexual positions, and will gain inspiration for new ways of satisfaction. The range of sex furniture You can choose for themselves a different device mounts and accessories, which help it easy to try new positions, which are unavailable under normal conditions. Also, these products reduce loads during sexual intercourse. Our online store offers You a variety of beds for sex, inflatable chair, erotic swing chairs and balloons for sex, pillows, clips and the sex machine. This sex furniture can be an interesting gift for couples. To buy in the store Sex furniture, sex Furniture, Sex machines for search queries: .

★ Available → Sex furniture

Inflatable Ottoman with vibrator
Секс-машина Sex Machine World*s First Portable Infatable
Head of sex machines, 1pc corporal
Head of sex machines, 1pc delicate black silicone
Sex swing for passionate sex Passion Sex Swing
SALE! A chair for making love Swiss Love Ball
Head of sex machines, 1pcs silicone
SALE! Prehodni for sex machines
Sex machine black Zebra
Head of sex machines, 1pc silicone
Head of sex machines, 1pc soft silicone
Head of sex machines, 1pc megaregulation
Head of sex machines
Head of sex machines, 1pc realistic
Head of sex machines made of cyber skin, 1pcs
Head of sex machines pink, 1pcs
Head of sex machines, 1pc
Device for bdsm
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★ out of stock / on order → Sex furniture

, 2-3 !
Passion Sex Swing
Inflatable seat, Inflatable hot Seat
Universal Robo fuk Adjustable Sex Machine
Head of sex machines, 1pc purple
Sex machine Machine Gun
Sex machine gun machine
Universal socket for a sex machine, 1pc
Manual sex machine gun
Fantasy Door Swing
Sex machine August (Augus Melrose) for female Masturbation vibration

вв75: what is he size and growth? / Article: IXI19078

160-175 cm

Andrew: Hello, tell me if it will fit this kit if__Chest - 110 Waist 100 Hip 120__ / Article: IXI12387

Yes, no problem

Inna: why dont you answer telephony call?? I did return the two dresses. 29.12.2012, you had to take it 31.12.2012.. when I see your money on the card, for returned dresses that I did not come????

Hello, the mode of operation of the store from 10 to 18. Weekend 30, 31, 1. The Manager will contact You and settle Your question.

Oleg: And this is the original (American) token or Chinese? / Article: IXI11765

Hello, all markers FixItPro are made in Chinese factories by an American license.

Oleg: Great store!!! Pleases a large selection of goods! Keep it up!!!

Thank you, daily adding new products.

Viktor: enroll, please bonuses..order No. 69078 and # 70318 on the login vgentle

Bonuses credited.

Connoisseur: And its beautiful as in the pictures? If you order, you will see that is not what can refuse?

Pictures fully correspond to the actual goods, so carefully examine the product before purchase. Unfortunately, the intimate goods returned or exchanged can not be.

Anastasia: Is it possible to order this item? / Article: IXI15731

Yes the product is in stock.

Daria: Would expect. / Article: IXI15720

The goods under the order expect 2-3 weeks. Wait for the notification.

Oleg: Hello! did You have 4 of the order, but the bonuses accrued only for one order((( and last order almost 1000g. do not atoragon...???like it was not((( ???

Last order You did not sloganising in the system added to Your account. Bonuses are awarded to 2 weeks upon receipt of payment.

Andrew : where the parcel to after you order at the post office or home? thank you

At the post office. There and there is a payment.

ANN: Yes, guys, and the diameter, length and elasticity forgot to specify :) / Article: DEL56

Item more than 5 thousand, on all hands, unfortunately, not enough, the radius of 4-4.5 cm, length 21 cm

Dmitry: Very beautiful lingerie, the wife loved it!)) Thank you!) / Article: IXI13748

vova: You can order anal lubricant with antiseptic Anal Lube Natural?

Yes, of course. This product is now in stock.

вв75: Its vinyl ? or just artificially skin and why is the price different in these pictures ? / Article: IXI16460

The material is vinyl, which pictures the prices are different?

Ann: And I have one... funny thing... Shine brightly and the size is super... but a little harsh and the lid came loose - when washing, little water falls :)__ / Article: DEL90

Stas: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you. / Article: TOY9144


Anonymous: I received a order number: 19418, but no one contacted me. You can check my order or need to repeat it?

Hello, we unsuccessfully tried several times to contact You. Unfortunately this position is not available, You can choose other items, at the moment Your order is suspended and is awaiting the product, after which we again with You will communicate.

Yuri: Hello, what is the fate of the order 22673?

The order is deleted, the item is not in stock, the email was sent.

Vitaly: hi I want a strap-on I could the girl in anal and she also gave me anal

Hello, for this You can use any mens strap-he, for example,

Michael: This store will help me to get the ointment from gomara.For three months.

qwe: Tell me what is their diameter? Noticeable when they are inside? / Article: DEL4150

Diameter 2 cm.

Alena: Hello!Please tell me, my husband and I have made a few orders, but not recorded,now we pleased with the quality. and delivery times! Can You add our orders to our database, in our office, we are already registered and want to continue to purchase in Your store. Thank you!

Hi, after check all Your previous orders are automatically added to the account for the past 2 days, thank you for your cooperation.

Marina: and when you activate the bonus by order No. 65376

Points will be credited automatically within 24 hours.

Inna: there is a photo in the real world? / Article: IXI19085

Only one photo.

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