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SALE! Suit racers
SALE! Light purple dress
SALE! Blue light dress
American Stong
Multifunctional vibrator for Ultimate Pleasure - Swan
Stylish bodysuit with long sleeves
Electro sex. Nozzle SACKSLING
Japanese nipple clamps on a chain
Japanese nipple clamps
Sleeve anal pear Pump up plug
Gel vaginal Lubrigel NEUTRAL, 85 ml.
Gel vaginal ORGASMUS Lubrigel, 85 ml.
Gel analni Lubrigel NEUTRAL, 85 ml.
The latch on the penis ZS078
Silicone tube with petals
Cord to bind 5m pink
Cord to bind 10m black
Red cord for binding 5m
Pink cord for binding 10m
White cord to bind 5m
A striking black mask
Piece vinyl costume
The latch on the penis with nipple clamps
Bandage set for passionate lovemaking
A clamp for hands and ankles
Black underwear suspenders
Dildo Dildo Luca
Dildo Dual-layered Liquid Silicone Dildo Luca
The vibrator of the two-layer silicone Dildo Gabe
The vibrator of the two-layer silicone Dildo
Devils urethra for a catheter
A catheter for the urethra with the original decor
Catheter for urethral Fuck gesture
The original metal clip on penis
A catheter for the urethra with the original design
The latch on the penis for men black
Leather bondage Mummification pink
Adjustable brace black
Mens black leather shorts
Black leather shorts
Latex stockings with ties
Chastity belt Points of Intrigue - C for CB-6000
Leather handcuffs with a collar and nipple clamps
Multi-purpose disposable handcuffs white
Multi-purpose disposable handcuffs
Inflatable gag inflatable
The closed mask with hole for mouth
Body made of black leather straps
Leather womens bdsm bodysuit
The latch on the penis with 3 rings
The metal clip
Flirty bandage kit
Black vinyl stockings
Golden vinyl gloves
Black vinyl gloves
Red long gloves
Golden vinyl gloves with open fingers
Black vinyl gloves with open fingers
Long vinyl gloves red
Candid bra straps with nipple clamps
Stylish bdsm strap
Leather belt on his chest
Sexy lingerie in BDSM style
Black leather bdsm costume
Bondage restraints with leather straps
Nipple clamps with chain
Female bdsm leather bodysuit for snare hands
Frank leather BDSM lingerie
Seductive womens underwear
Leather BDSM lingerie
Leather snap-on penis black
Clamps on nipples and labia
Stikine, white with sequins
Red smooth stikine on the nipples
Red-white stikine with sequins and tassels
Stikine black nipples
Bright stikine as asterisks
Nipple clamps with Golden balls
Shiny, stikine on the nipples with sequins
Purple stikine on the nipples with sequins
Nipple clamps with metal rings
Nipple clamps with pink beads
Gag for mouth red
Classic ball gag with black ball
Black gag harness with bone
Red stikine on the nipples with sequins
Pink stikine with Petke
Gold stikine with sequins
Stylish white stikine with sequins
A classic gag with a metal ring
Classic ball gag with plastic ball
Stikine on his chest in the shape of hearts with roses
Classic black gun
Round gun on a red cord
The locking mechanism for hands and neck on a plate of metal
The lock leather for feet and legs
SALE! Suspension black
SALE! Stylish pendant
SALE! Original bracelet with beads
SALE! Bracelet black


Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Bow Push Up Bikini Vintage high Waist Bathing Suit
Light Ethnic Style halter Geometric Print Tankini Swimsuit
Cyan Leopard Plus Size Non-underwire Monokini
halter Sliding Triangular Bikini with Black Bottom
Tassel Bikini Dapple Bottom Bathing Suit
halter Sliding Triangular Bikini with Printed Bottom
Boho Print Top Black Bottom Tankini Swimwear
Black Tassel Bikini Dapple Bottom Bathing Suit
Navy Tassel Bikini White Bottom Bathing Suit
Navy Blue Vintage halter Monokini White Polka Swimsuit
Summer Vibe Brazilian Floral Print Bikini
Color Block Bandeau Push up Strappy Bikini
Yellow Blue Vibrant Colorblock Plus Size Swimsuit
Striped Natural Support Plus Size One-piece Swimsuit
Orange handmade Crochet Neoprene One Piece Swimsuit
Black Glittering high Neck Bathing Suit
Black Multi-tie Design Strappy Bikini Swimsuit
Blue Plus Size high Waist Bikini Swimsuit
Monochrome high Neck Tankini with Multi Strap hipster
Yellow handmade Crotchet Neoprene Latex Bathing Suit
Blush Stylish Gold Ring Detail Strappy Bikini Swimsuit
Stylish handmade Crochet Neoprene One Piece Swimsuit
2pcs Field Trip Scuba Bikini Swimsuit
Boho Tribal Print high Neck Swimsuit
Fusion Top
Blue holiday Fashion Crochet Beachwear
Light Blue Double Scoop Sleeveless Jumpsuit
Purple Jersey Knit Cut Out hoodie Romper
Black White Color Block Push up Swimwear Color Block Swimwear Color Block Swimwear Color Block Swimwear Push up Swimwear Push up Swimwear Push up Swimwear Black White Color Block Push up Swimwear
Black Ribbon Textured Blue 2pcs Bikini Swimsuit
Crochet Top Neoprene Bottom Bikini Swimwear
Slinky Galaxy Legging
Egyptian Pharaoh and Queen Understated Leggings
head NO.D02
White Drawstring Knot Open Back Romper
Gray Princess Ruffle Wrap Tie Side Cardigan
Black Lace Up Back Detail Sweater
Khaki Knit V Neck Chain Lace up Back Sweater Top
Apricot Thick Knit Side Slit Off Shoulder Sweater
Khaki Ripped Knit Long Sleeves Sweater
Black Ripped Knit Long Sleeves Sweater
Red Ripped Knit Long Sleeves Sweater
Grey Thick Knit Side Slit Off Shoulder Sweater
Orange Crisscross Knitted Long Sweater
Black Button Closure Distressed Long Sweater
Burgundy Cold Shoulder Knit Long Sleeves Sweater
Olive Button Closure Distressed Long Sweater
White Long Sleeve Floral Cardigan
Gray Cold Shoulder Knit Long Sleeves Sweater


Sema: Please enroll bonuses with order No. 69154 Login SemaSTALKER


bonuses are credited !

Inna: why dont you answer telephony call?? I did return the two dresses. 29.12.2012, you had to take it 31.12.2012.. when I see your money on the card, for returned dresses that I did not come????


Hello, the mode of operation of the store from 10 to 18. Weekend 30, 31, 1. The Manager will contact You and settle Your question.

Irina: Thank you very much! It was all quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. Very happy with purchase.


Also, big thanks.

ulya: Hello! Cash on delivery I cancel I will not, because the new email does not accept money transfers without payment, and in such cases I have no money-back guarantee.I paid for the order in cash and refunds prefer to receive cash.According to the law on protection of consumer rights I have the right : to terminate the contract within 14 days if I have not approached the goods, and also refund the money paid for the goods in full value. Strongly beg you to resolve this situation legally and not bring it to conflict.Thank you.


Our courier will not be able to pick up a parcel with cash on delivery and competent to check the contents of parcels. The money we will be able to return only transfer to credit card.

Tatiana: Did you return on 12/12/2013 and still waiting for a refund. Now not suit not money( __


Ask, why didnt you tell managers about the return ? the order number, the parcel number ?

Sladenush: Why the status of order # 38463 Deleted?


You have 2 order, we United them into one number 38464.

Andrew: Thank you very much! All quickly and accurately. Well done.


And thank You for the kind review.

Andrey: Use it all the time. Very satisfied. / Article: DEL2422

Vitaly: In the category mobile accessories You had headphone splitters 3.5 Expected sales?


pack no.

Name: Please charge bonuses in order 71335 on the login Kenzo


Bonuses credited.

Andrey2003: Hello, please write the size IXI46742 / Article: IXI46742


Length - 22 cm, diameter 4 cm

Svetlana: Tell the difference between anal enema, which is sold on your site, from the enema, which is sold in pharmacies? And what is the difference between anal enema from colon cleanse?


In principle, no different.

ii: >300 hryvnia, of course, a pity as a total of almost a month of waiting and determine whether the position or not, and what can be replaced, but the bad customer reviews to remove this is certainly really a circus and most natural childrens garden, it may be the case not only in the reviews? dont do it again because it is at least not nice and all will be well and good


Hello, for faster contact we encourage customers, after all, to leave a contact phone number. Regarding the amount of 300 UAH can you clarify? And about the bad reviews - we reserve all the reviews which have information value and are not stranded or false by the client.

Alena: whats the address? / Article: IXI44478


Delivery is possible only for New Mail.

Angelica: Tell me how long that would it come from? / Article: IXI19856


15-20 days after pre-order on the website.

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Oktoberfest 10/09-4/10
SALE! Beach dress yellow
SALE! Swimsuit Gepur
SALE! Silver bracelet on the arm
SALE! Cartoon panty With g-String
Set of necklace and earrings multi-colored
Retro necklace with rhinestones
SALE! Mens C-string tiger
SALE! Hollywood bikini
Turquoise necklace
SALE! Gel Strap-on hi-tech
Elastic masturbator vagina PUSSY
Stockings in a large grid
Bright stikine as asterisks
Mens black leather shorts
Relief anal tube S with blue stone
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