A scarf is a versatile accessory suitable for any type of clothing. Scarf is a piece of fabric most often rectangular, triangular, or square shape with various decorative patterns or solid colors. scarves are perfectly combined with dresses long and short and pants. Not detachable accessory scarves can be in winter together with warm outer clothing, as as a protective layer of clothing will help to keep neck and chest warm. Scarves can also be used as scarves for the style of clothing also serve as a decoration of the image. The lightness and airiness of the scarf will give you extravagantly and will always be relevant in any styles of clothes. With the help of a scarf can greatly beautify your look making it nearly perfect. Even in business style will look amazing. To buy in the store Scarves, shawls, Kerchiefs, Scarves, handkerchiefs for search queries: .

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Chiffon shawl
Stylish leopard scarf
Silk scarf in vintage style
Satin scarf in vintage style
Black knitted SARS
Stylish silk scarf
Silk scarf in vintage style
Satin scarf in Oriental style
Silk scarf with floral print
Silk scarf with floral print
Silk scarf with floral print
Silk scarf in vintage style
Silk scarf in Oriental style

Andrew: Hello, tell me if it will fit this kit if__Chest - 110 Waist 100 Hip 120__ / Article: IXI12387


Yes, no problem

zeus: Hello. Interested in product European Lover small (SKU: IXI47770): size(length and thickness), the country of origin. / Article: IXI47770


Added description

Viktor: Made 2 order. How to know the amount of bonuses and how to combine them?


In order to get the bonuses, you need to register ! And to inform the managers login. After, there will be a bonus.

Oleg: Hello! My order No. 40146 its been over a month and I never received it! Waiting for Your answer, and even better order!!! Galatella to the New one.year.


Hello, Your last item arrived at the warehouse. Order still relevant?

Lyudmila: The prices are not much, but lower than in other store. The efficiency and politeness of staff are always highly valued by me. Conveniently designed website with a fairly wide range. What like best is the ease of ordering. Filled evening form, confirmed this morning I have already called and sent an order.

Galina : Today I received a order No. 62052, atrical IXI19078, Express delivery. payment by cash on delivery only checked the appearance of the product. When fitting: the size does not fit (TOO BIG, your table sizes you need to make bugfixes for jumpsuits, because when my s-ke he is great size for two) on the inside THREADS STICKING out at the seams. How to refund?


Please contact us during working hours at: (044) 353-55-33

Vitaly: Want to buy a token to remove scratches on cars in Vinnitsa__0936468952 / Article: IXI11765


You need to place your order on the website.

Vitaly: Thank you! your order is received. Thought that the deceived was all good. I think I will continue to use the services ( ixi ). I advise everyone!

Eugene: Received the order quickly and without incident. Things match the pictures, in General, all satisfied.

Grandpa: Are there any exciting means for people, lets say, retirement age...


Yes, please look at the drugs under Stimulants.

Anatoly: Thank you! great product fast shipping.

Anonymous: And has anyone used the Extenders on themselves is the result??? And in what time frame?

Lilinka: I cant get through((( Yesterday miraculously got through on the mobile, he said that the base does not work... the Shop is open or not?!


Hello, we have no problems with communication there, 90% of calls successfully processed.

Sambuca: what breast size is targeted? / Article: IXI13028


Up to 100 cm.

Maria : My order number 80798 .Noted mail order shipping!Why do I have to pay without receiving the goods?


We have such conditions of work with mail in CIS, with nalagay we work only in Ukraine

Kostya: Are unable to reach You. Want to know the fate of my order, No. 42070. Please call. 0956832452


Your order is awaiting delivery.

Eugene Stepanenko: My order No. 21395 were made 3 days ago and still havent called what happened to him and like him.


Communication with clients from Russia, we are only using electronic means of communication. Contact, unfortunately, You were not.

Victoria: A bra with cups? / Article: IXI11897


Without the cups.

Sergey: Of course you can. My neighbor increased to 56 cm (Accidentally). / Article: Andro-P

Maxim: Please enroll bonuses on the login demi-lune-max for orders


Bonuses credited

Marina: Quickly took the order and delivered))) Thank you very much.


Thank you that you are our customer !)

Svetlana: Recently purchased this model, one thing is unclear: why are the keys on the handcuffs if there is a lever that opens them without the key? / Article: DEL3986


The handcuffs we sell as part of the entertainment, games...

Svetlana: Good day! Received the order, thank you very much, excellent quality, completed quickly! )) / Article: IXI12343


Thank you, this makes us very happy :)

Karina: Hello! Ordered a swimsuit, he turned to marriage. I can get it back? The swimsuit was not even measured


Hello, please tell us the order number, the article of swimsuit and details about the marriage.

Maria: Hello, you have no earrings, and clips?


Clips no.

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