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Color: black Material: cotton Size: one size (S/M) For: women

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Black knitted SARS

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
A scarf is a versatile accessory suitable for any type of clothing. Scarf is a piece of fabric most often rectangular, triangular, or square shape with various decorative patterns or solid colors. scarves are perfectly combined with dresses long and short and pants. Not detachable accessory scarves can be in winter together with warm outer clothing, as as a protective layer of clothing will help to keep neck and chest warm. Scarves can also be used as scarves for the style of clothing also serve as a decoration of the image. The lightness and airiness of the scarf will give you extravagantly and will always be relevant in any styles of clothes. With the help of a scarf can greatly beautify your look making it nearly perfect. Even in business style will look amazing. To buy in the store Scarves, shawls, Kerchiefs, Scarves, handkerchiefs for search queries: .


Sirius: I live in the suburbs of Kiev. Is it possible to meet the courier in Kiev?__
→ Yes, of course.

Natalia: Paid for the order 100727

Anonymous: Prompt, please, a tool for strong and sustainable erection. And for a long time to finish... Or after you have finished, the member that still stood...??? __Thank you.
→ Recommend MIL37, MIL35, MIL36.

Peter: I ordered the tracker, took it without checking, because it really check, you need to activate it by sending SMS command with password, I suspect that the password is changed and not the default (123456) or bought a working machine - the product can not use, Cam can be contacted to help in this matter.
→ Hello, added user guide: manual 1 | instruction 2

Dmitry: Gentlemen... something in my order does not add up... Like already and the number of the Declaration promised, and again the impenetrable silence.... (23185)
→ Your order is expected to supply of goods which because of the holidays so late. As soon as we receive the item will send the parcel.

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