__In modern society decorations play a major role in the way women. Every girl wants to emphasize their individuality and beauty, and always want to stand out from society. This piece of jewelry will help you to achieve your goal. there is nothing nicer and more beautiful than a gold ring with a diamond. Exquisitely will look at your finger classic gold or silver ring with beautiful sparkly stones. For lovers of the delicate and beautiful there is a beautiful version of rings in the form of butterflies, angel wings, or other animals. To please girls by nature can ring with studs that goes well raskovanno style of clothing. For lovers only large and bright and has a large selection of rings for different tastes of large amounts and different styles of inlay. The evening dresses will look good rings with pearls, will give you sophistication. For lovers only strict, you will appreciate the strict geometric shapes and lines in combination with the ring. You will be surprised the variety of forms and prices in our store, we will be able to please even the most demanding taste of any girl. To buy in the store Ring, Rings, Rings for search queries: .

★ Available → Ring

Long Golden ring with strazikami
Stylish ring Golden color
Double ring with angel wings
Ring nail with rhinestone
Gold ring with rhinestone
Golden ring-spring flowers
Ring with angel wing and rhinestones
Surround the ring with shimmering rhinestones
Long ring with rhinestones
Ring with flowers and black stones
Beautiful Golden ring with rhinestones
Ring with leopard and rhinestones
Ring two fingers LOVE
Charming ring with rhinestones
Ring - gold snake
Long Golden ring with rhinestones
Two-tone ring in the shape of a flower
The oversized ring with rhinestone
Retro ring with rhinestones
Double ring with a big butterfly
Golden ring with beads
Gold double ring with rhinestones
Ring revolver
Stylish triple ring
Silver ring
Kaizo - Golden owl
Ring - Rose gold
Double ring - Dragon
Triple ring
White with light gold plated, two rings for her and him
Stylish double ring
Golden ring - Nail
Double ring with stones
Gorgeous ring
Open ring - Silver and gold
Ring with black stone
Ring of steel - Illusion
Colorful ring made of copper
Charming double ring
Massive female ring
Double ring - Diamond
Ring Sky
Double silver ring
Double ring
Elegant ring, the Rapture
Double ring for women

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Ring - Silver flower
Exquisite couple rings
Double silver ring.
Fashion Jewelry Rhinestone hollow Flower Gold Silver Plated Women Shield Rings
Female ring - Trio
Fashion Personalized Gold-Black Alloy Rhinestone Enamel Joint Rings
Double ring with cross and rhinestones
Oblong ring with petals
Ring in the shape of a fingernail with rhinestones silver
Gold ring with rhinestone
Classic ring
Ring in the form of a nail with rhinestones
Ring snake with rhinestones
White K Plated Rhinestone Personalized Couple Rings
Women Two Round Ball Pt Plating Diamond Engagement Rings
Metal ring geometric shape
Engraved Promise Couples Rings
Ring with black and white stones
Golden ring-flower
New hot Sale Fashion hollow Flower Rings For Women
Stylish metal ring with a cutout
Ring with big stone
Ring in the form of a starfish
Ring - Silver snake
Charming ring with rhinestones and bow
Ring with rabbit and rhinestones
Gold ring with rhinestone
Ring with skull and rhinestones
Double ring - double cross
Ring - the Cats nails
Elegant Golden ring
Gorgeous ring - Cocktail
Simple Rhinestone Couples Birthstone Rings
Golden open ring
Ring nail with rhinestone heart
Double ring with rhinestone
Silver ring - Cubic

Andrew: The store in which send the goods not corresponding to order, while promising to fix its shortcomings and deceive. We did not wait obescheniya product


Please, describe the essence of the question at All the promises we keep.

Dmitry: Gentlemen... something in my order does not add up... Like already and the number of the Declaration promised, and again the impenetrable silence.... (23185)


Your order is expected to supply of goods which because of the holidays so late. As soon as we receive the item will send the parcel.

Yuri: Cant find in Ukraine, the lubricant J-Lube or Crisco. In Ukraine, not only Im looking for this lubricant. Russia has long been the men have done the business. And as always we have.


Hello, actually in Ukraine yet in the sale of these lubricants, but we hope that soon will appear.

Name: 66854 order number / Article: IXI15844

Music: I want to try with a girl, strap on(double) help in the selection.


The quality of all strap-ons are almost identical, see for yourself, here it is for external shapes and sizes which will attract more members, specifically to You, and worth taking.

anonymous: It is possible to walk during the day time? / Article: ORI522902


This product is not intended for such use.

Yana: I would like to know, strap on DEL274 empty inside?


Not on the inside of the hole.

Fanta: Which type of battery is used? / Article: DEL813


Food: 1С…РђРђ

Tanya: Hello. Im interested in how things are going with my order number 24847? Thank you.


Your order has been sent, expect a parcel in the post office next week.

Yuri: very pleased with prompt delivery.. thats just a gift in the receipt have to put forgot)


We apologize, mechanically, the error of packers, we do it for very criticize...

Jura: All right! Compliance ordered received 100%. New mail is really annoying (delivered quickly 1 day) service only there is very low! I hope my friend will like it, Im a sailor, and she had...


And we service Novaspace like, perhaps in the regions of their bad staff.

PhoenixXXX: I want to ask a sandals there 44-45 size, or may have the opportunity to order????



Gregory: what is the cost of this Preparata and where to buy it? / Article: DEL2815


454 UAH but at the moment it is not available.

zhornyak: Good afternoon. I ordered Hemp rope (SKU: IXI15934) about 2 weeks ago. They are still not available. To expect? When will they come? or order something else? / Article: IXI15934


Hello, the delay in the delivery, they will be in within 2-3 weeks guaranteed

Andrey2003: Hello, could you tell me the dimensions IXI43737 / Article: IXI43737


Length 20, diameter 5

hdd2: Im glad that the item is in stock, but how soon will I receive it? when ordering I noted that the payment - cash on delivery. / Article: IXI13302


Delivery today send, days 5-6 can pick up at the post office.

Villain: Perhaps Devushka mean model a squirmy vibrator Doc Johnson Jeff Stryker Realistic Vibrator. Its not buzzing, and contains a mechanism that it flexes from the inside, looks very impressive.

Name: Good afternoon. Ordering 64323 from 01.10.13 received. The shortages of goods DEL2422. Product IXI15718 at the time of the order was at a discount, the cost was full? Product IXI11675 clearly not the one in the photo. Comment please.


The question is closed.

Lily: another good day! I ordered this lo, but at a different price? I receive it in the promised time and at last price? expect to 25x the numbers this month... before the New year to get? / Article: IXI12332


Hello, the cost of the goods will remain that at which you placed the order. Delivery expected from 27 to 29 Dec.

maximusmxs: People, mark this, how soon will deliver the order IXI11633,promised in June!!!!!


Hello, within a month consumables should be available, we will contact You.

Veronica: Hello,I would like to confirm the order No. 69032.__Another question:I dont quite understand how to pay the order.In the field of payment noted Privat24. The money will be transferred or do I have to do something?__


Hello! You need to pay money to the card Privat Bank which has been messaged to You via SMS text message. This can be done through the terminal Private Bank or Internet-Bank Privat 24.

Victoria: Hello. Did not fit the size of the bodice of the swimsuit IXI122162. Can I change to some other product?


You can place a new order and send the goods to the warehouse for new mail to your return address.

Tatiana: Hello. My order No. 45088 was sent 05.05.2012 g. still no email! Tracking it is still in Kiev and not talking!


Hello, the tracking indicated that it left the Kiev post office, its further fate is still unknown.

Alex: A good cream. The effect that is necessary... I have soreness the second day. / Article: INV148

Ruslan: overstiya diameter and length of the body? / Article: IXI13954


Inner length 8 cm, diameter 3-4 cm

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