Piercing is one of the ways to Express yourself from the grey masses. Colorful earrings for piercings can decorate your face with its uniqueness. Fans to decorate their body with piercings, this section will seem a real boon. All that is needed to meet even the most unusual tastes of the consumer is here. Beautiful multi-colored stones will playfully look at your nose and draw mens attention to your person. And for men there is an unusual decoration in the form of small weights, which will give your eyebrows masculinity. Piercing is a way to Express yourself from the crowd and personalize their personality. With colorful decorations and multi-colored shapes, you can make in your style unusual appearance of your face. That is up to you to choose, the main thing is not to overdo it with decorations. To buy in the store Piercing, Barbell, Pusey, Piercing for search queries: .

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Set of multicolored piercings
Earrings (pierced) with stones
A set of earrings for - 40 pieces
Set of colored earrings - 12 pieces
Body piercing stainless steel
Set of earrings - Dumbbells
Beautiful earrings for piercing
Set of earrings - the Hammers
A set of piercing, Punk
A set of piercing, punk
A set of earrings for piercing - 12 pieces
Jewelry piercing - 12 pieces
Steel earrings for piercing
Set of multicolored earrings
Decoration for piercing - seahorse
Earring for piercing with a bow
Earring for piercing with cubic Zirconia
Earring for piercing
Earrings with rhinestones

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Short Stainless Steel Body Piercing jewelry Color Optional
Earring for piercing - Dumbbell
A beautiful piece of jewelry with cubic Zirconia
Wholesale and 100% New Arrival!Body Piercing Jewelry - Cheap Fashion Nose Stud,Stud Earrings,Colourful,Stainless Steel Diamond
Decoration for piercing with skull
Pierced body-set of 12 PCs
Fashionable jewelry with cubic Zirconia
A set of piercing - 12 pieces
Decoration for the navel of copper, zirconium flower.
Earring for piercing Star
Decoration for piercing steel
High Quality and Unique Design Body Piercing Jewelry - Fashion Nose Stud,Delicate Stud Earrings Nose Stud for Any Season,12pcs Per Lot
Decoration for zircon
Decoration for piercing Butterfly
A set of earrings for piercing
Decoration for zircon
Earring piercing black

Anonymous: When will sell Durex condoms? Given the normal prices, it would be very interesting.


Prices try to keep at an affordable level, but unfortunately Durex to sell yet do not plan.

Alexxx: Congratulations to all the beautiful half of the team IXI.UA on the 8th of March!Happiness,success and good mood!


Thank you, same to you.

Igor: Its silver? / Article: IXI30150


Material: alloy.

Alla: Good evening.__The courier brought a completely different model of legginsov__I have not had the opportunity to check with him.__But just a few minutes after his departure, I saw that the package is not what I ordered.__To call him I cant for 30 minutes.__The article is the same, but the pants, which brought with elastic instead of a belt, and LACE INSETS, plus with a high rise.__In short, this is not that model.__I beg you to contact me soon so we can resolve the issue with the replacement.__My got the address in the order 89099__I was planning to order from you on a regular basis, because due to the nature of work have no opportunity to go shopping.__I do not want to fight with you and refuse your services__sincerely,__your customer with a very bad first experience__


Hello. Tomorrow will contact You and inform how to refund or replacement of goods.

Sasha: The people who ordered and tried MIL37(penis marathon spray) write me in ICQ (400301071). I have a question for you about this stuff! Really need advice!!!!

Anton: Good day! Ordering 99332 Paid 27.05.2017 at 11:49! The amount of UAH 172.!

Andrey2003: Hello, could you tell me the dimensions IXI48101 / Article: IXI48101


Large: 15 cm, 3.5 cm Small: 10 cm, 3.5 cm

Vitaly: Hello, I have lost your discount card, you can send her number.



Anonymous: You ordered the black male chastity belt CB-6000, yesterday, wore, want to thank you for the awesome experience! Thank you!

Sergey: Put store 5 out of 5

Andrew: Good selection of spirits. I liked it... and not just me. Thank you. I hope the range will be increased. I wish you prosperity with us. And good health.


Thank You very much.

1111: Deliver Autolux?


Yes, of course. The information listed above.

Elena: Good afternoon.Interested in this dress.Wanted to buy it,but the experience of buying such dresses know that theres such a thin fabric that go in it not really as the fabric glows,almost like a in this dress? / Article: IXI17921


In this model dresses tight fabric.

Natalia: Please tell me, and stikine a lot of disposable or single use? Just if they consist of self-adhesive material, it can quickly come into disrepair.... / Article: IXI13177


Hello, stikine you can use up to 5-10 times. You can then use a special body glue.

Lena: but is there black? / Article: IXI31584


Only pink color.

Inna: ordered a swimsuit, sent is very different. I ordered the product article IXI17710 and sent the goods with the article IXI17710. What to do?


Hello, please specify the article.

Alla: Twice already used the services of this online store...........all very pleasant, and the prices are really affordable!!! Thank you very much!!!!

Alex: this stretch vinyl or just vinyl? There are two Blanka? / Article: IXI15720


Vinyl, but has little ability to stretch. Runner 2.

Yuri: Good day! Please answer: 1. What is the difference between PeniMaster and functional Andro-Penis? 2. Why such a big difference in price? P. S. the Previous order received, satisfied, thank you. Just great.


Hello. Describe the difference makes no sense as the Peni-Master for over a year not made and will not be made.

Anna: Very happy with purchase (cool hat), delivery is very fast. But claims on the packaging like what would be the goods were delivered in a box, not in the package as some products can become deformed during transportation. And by the way the VIP card is not put. :((


Hello, we have claims to almost no deformation of the products is not happening . your discount is active, inform the Manager when you next order about the map of VIP customer, thank you being our customer.

Vladislav: Wow, even cheaper than the market and with cool inscription ))) / Article: IXI0102

Alexander: what sudiya order 58158


Expect a call operator, SUNDAY - day off.

Oleg: White Espetaculo Thong. White Espetaculo Thong,these panties as the front view / Article: IXI13103


Hello. They have a front view like this item

Anonymous: Hello,is it possible to return or exchange an order No. 86466, of good quality,as its small in the chest.


Hello, please tell us the volume of Your breast in centimeters, and volume in the breast of this kit.

Olga: Thank you very much! Everything fits, will still apply!)

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