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Color: silver color Material: metal alloy Size: one size (S/M)

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Set of multicolored piercings
Earrings (pierced) with stones
A set of earrings for - 40 pieces
Set of colored earrings - 12 pieces
Body piercing stainless steel
Set of earrings - Dumbbells
Beautiful earrings for piercing
Set of earrings - the Hammers
A set of piercing, Punk
A set of piercing, punk
A set of earrings for piercing - 12 pieces
Jewelry piercing - 12 pieces
Steel earrings for piercing
Set of multicolored earrings
Decoration for piercing - seahorse
Earring for piercing with a bow
Earring for piercing with cubic Zirconia
Earring for piercing
Earrings with rhinestones


Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Piercing is one of the ways to Express yourself from the grey masses. Colorful earrings for piercings can decorate your face with its uniqueness. Fans to decorate their body with piercings, this section will seem a real boon. All that is needed to meet even the most unusual tastes of the consumer is here. Beautiful multi-colored stones will playfully look at your nose and draw mens attention to your person. And for men there is an unusual decoration in the form of small weights, which will give your eyebrows masculinity. Piercing is a way to Express yourself from the crowd and personalize their personality. With colorful decorations and multi-colored shapes, you can make in your style unusual appearance of your face. That is up to you to choose, the main thing is not to overdo it with decorations. To buy in the store Piercing, Barbell, Pusey, Piercing for search queries: .


Natalia: Good day! Received order IXI23798 / Elegant dress, black / 229 b wanted to return because the size did not fit.


dress big or Malenko?__


Bagel Anastasia: Olatile order No. 100179

Julia: order No. 61698 back. my bonuses I counted back to the account?


bonuses are only for plachenov orders!

nino lomtatidze: zdravstvuite,____ ia interesuius if you dastavka in gruziu.____spasiba


Hello, mail delivery $ 15, 2 weeks at 100 prepayment.

jack: the website responded quickly, product was delivered without problems (although why does it cost more for 2 UAH? I do not mind but if you have 100 buyers at 2grn would be nice, but these are another story...)__product formed is, harnesses are adjustable for the desired lift, the only BUT is the quality for the money could be better! / Article: IXI13028

Nina: Ordering 61411 (cash on delivery) send the payment, and I pay upon receipt ???why ask me the payment method if it is cash on delivery and are payable upon receipt ..I just missed this moment )


Hello. Sending in the CIS has to be made for 100% prepayment.

Eugene: prompt with the ordering! newly acquired vagina with the vibrator, immediately after the first use it broke because of the deep penetration and the thickness of the member, what about the size or the price??? its price is 50$, Im sorry...


First encounter with this problem, but the essence of Your question did not understand a bit.

Sirius: I live in the suburbs of Kiev. Is it possible to meet the courier in Kiev?__


Yes, of course.

buyer: cool toy / Article: IXI11687

GYURZA: Received my order IXI12348 vinyl suit. Good quality,fully consistent with the photos. The size is more consistent with M. All liked me and partner.

Jura: Good day! How provide data confidentiality?


We do not disclose information about goods and activity, but personal information such as name, when sending mail we cant specify.

Ruslan: I would like to buy. Do you plan such a gag to be available in the near future? / Article: IXI13798


You can leave a request for this product and it to be available within 2 weeks.

Sergey: Good day,hoity-toity,dress IXI12437 in size (L) are there?


Not only S/M

Paul: I found finally this page for reviews:). The store is nice, compared to other Kiev online stores selling sex products: Im what you selected on the website is the place to be in the presence of:). In General, the implementation of the order thank you:). Again, if the product is another color, the more-the higher this price-please put known-all solved.


Thank you for the positive feedback, be sure to make sure that the managers are clearly doing their job.

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