The use of pheromones for two brings into our lives amazing shades of harmony, happiness and a benevolent mood. Pheromones can even eliminate depression, this is confirmed by numerous research scientists. Pheromones will make you more attractive person, and that will impact on your social success and popularity! You can use pheromones for General purposes to establish a trust relationship when applying for a job at an important business meeting. You can use a perfume with pheromones that already contain an aromatic odorant, or make use of pheromone concentrate. In any case, the effect will not keep itself waiting long! You will always be in the spotlight of your surroundings, regardless of whether you are male or female. Use pheromones and get popular. To buy in the store Pheromones for two, Aphrodisiacs unisex, pheromone Unisex for search queries: .

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Elixir of confidence, 50 ml.
РњРёРєСЃ Magical Potion POPULARYTY POTION, 5 РјР».
Pheromone spray for two 50ml.

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Flavored water for bed linen in DANCE WILD rose, 250 ml.
Love MUSK for unisex, 5 ml
Phero Master 50 ml
MUSK hot unisex, 5 ml
Flavored water for linen WILD DANCE with pheromones, 250 ml.
Room Shiatsu perfume for men 100 ml.
Flavored water with pheromones for bedding Musk, 100 ml
Flavored water for linen Wild Dance vanilla, 250 ml.
Erotic MUSK for unisex, 5 ml

N.: Tell me, to what extent is regulated by the belt? / Article: IXI13962

Sergey: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for ordering No. 77485 (4046 bonuses) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)


Hello, at the moment, the bonus system at the stage of adaptation, once the bonuses will be credited we will notify You.

Sergey: This service is not in every store, which is a pity ((... It would be nice to add photos of the product in a gift box.


Thank you, soon we will share.

Irina: Good evening. received the dress you have ordered as I can to return it. Never worn. The small size (although at your size chart I just. had to enter into it). Received new mail. Cash back sent.


Hello, carnival costumes and dresses after the respective holidays, returns and exchanges are not subject.

Jura: How and what can be used for washing silicone rings and nozzles?


Recommend washing in warm soapy water.

Vadim: The issued and paid an order on February 27 with Express shipping. Today, March 6, and tomorrow promise to send (only send). ____That is, in the best case, I get the order in 2 weeks. Super easy.____Order No. 43427.____


Production time posters 5-7 days. The time of delivery of new mail 2 day. Total time from order to receipt up to 10 days.

Victoria: Tell me 87-64-92 will not be too big? / Article: IXI29156


Size is universal, your options suit.

Marina: Order No. 43125, you promised me tonight but at the post office said it would be tomorrow!!!!! I apologize, but Im leaving tomorrow on a business trip and wont be able to pick up your order!!! I hope this is not povleyaet on my future orders!!!


Hello, the cited warning of New Mail In connection with difficult weather conditions across the territory of Ukraine of possible delay in delivery. Your parcel in the warehouse will be more than 10 days, hope You can pick it up on arrival.

Natalia: Please tell me, and the material of the swimsuit is the same as lingerie models IXI15558 or composition different? / Article: IXI15524


The material is the same.

Alexander: Thank you! Im happy! good store. after 1 day already got your package!

Sergey: When payaetsya product? / Article: IXI24196


after 2-3 weeks

Oleksandr: took your medicine PENIS the result is zero we can say that even worse than it was, return the money or replace another medicine


Can try another drug

katya: into such hryvnia?


The Ukrainian national currency, 5 UAH = 1usd

FREENAS: when will it be available? ) I really want to buy... / Article: IXI12040


Expected within 2 weeks.

Natalia: Thank you order received very happy. Happy New year!!!

Jura: All right! Compliance ordered received 100%. New mail is really annoying (delivered quickly 1 day) service only there is very low! I hope my friend will like it, Im a sailor, and she had...


And we service Novaspace like, perhaps in the regions of their bad staff.

bbb: Why order No. 37221 is assigned a status of paid if it was paid in August?


At the moment there is a small problem with the transaction fees orders cod, within a month we will fix this problem and all will be credited a welcome bonus.

Viktor: enroll, please bonuses..order No. 69078 and # 70318 on the login vgentle


Bonuses credited.

Svetlana: Recently purchased this model, one thing is unclear: why are the keys on the handcuffs if there is a lever that opens them without the key? / Article: DEL3986


The handcuffs we sell as part of the entertainment, games...

Igor: How are things with the order No. 56052


56052 order deleted because the customer has not confirmed it with the call Manager.

Nel: and the skirt in the kit? / Article: IXI14784


Yes, the skirt is included.

karpa: Is the zipper promezhnost? Vdova please email. / Article: IXI12345


Only solid clasp as in the photo.

РІРІ75: If Uvas sizes more ? for example XL. / Article: IXI22152


Next to each item in the specifications, lists the possible dimensions of the item.

Irina: Hello, I have ordered goods within 30 days of the month of August, still waiting, order number, 16509, tell me I should wait and how long will it take?


Hello, Your order is expected to arrive at the product, what You had to inform our operators. As soon as the goods to be available, we will contact You.

Lihonosov Eugene: Why you never sent me a perfume with pheromones that I ordered? sent Clitoris vibrator


Hello, please inform number of Your order and if possible, the article sent the goods. Most likely the service sending the box is messed up with the orders.

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