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Production: Poland The volume: 5 ml Pheromones: 60 % The applicator: pipette Series: PheroMix (natural) Basis: oil For: men

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Pheromones for gay Magical Potion MenSexMen, 5 ml.

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
This mixture of pheromones encourages close attention to the trust and comradeship between the guys without the confrontational aspects that are present in typical alpha-male communication. Have you ever wondered why not an extremely handsome guy can be attractive to dozens of men. This means that the aura of his pheromones are very high and detectable. The mixture of pheromones MenSexMen will help you to gain the sexual attention and the location of many guys. In addition, the composition of the mixture includes a strong pheromone that will make any man (different sexual orientatsii including traditional) to treat you more located. Now you do not face alone. A crowd of admirers at your feet. Taking pheromones for gay men you will always be the center of attention of attractive men. To buy in the store Pheromones for gay men, Aphrodisiacs for gay men, Perfumes with pheromones for search queries: .


Bagel Anastasia: Olatile order No. 100179

Evelyn: Hello! youll be doing the ordering,but need size chart for shoes in cm(cm=R-R) lay out, please, on the website or send me a e-mail a dimensional grid or line R-ROV. Thank you.


Hello, the size chart on the page

Name: order number No. 66854, it clearly didnt work in xxx, a maximum of two, and sometimes even less, little magic unicorn, waiting for an order, and the size is not suitable. / Article: IXI15844

Anonymous: I want to order Dildo Rondo, SKU: DEL4854, but at the moment it is not available. Tell me, please, how often do you update the products on the website?


Hello. Information about availability is updated several times a week, You can order at this position and after the appearance, we will contact You.

karpa: Is the zipper promezhnost? Vdova please email. / Article: IXI12345


Only solid clasp as in the photo.

Eugene: Large selection, reasonable prices,prompt service.


Thank you, I try :)

Denis: And the same from cybercore there? / Article: IXI22774


Is, under article IXI40215

Hope: Tell me what size? / Article: IXI12719



Alexander: Hello.kaheh size stimulator prostate 47603 thank you. / Article: IXI47603


Total length 23 cm Length of the insertion part 13 cm Diameter 2.5-4.5 cm

Jura: Good day! How provide data confidentiality?


We do not disclose information about goods and activity, but personal information such as name, when sending mail we cant specify.

Natalia: Its inside of 6 bottles 5 ml? / Article: IXI42823


One, 5 ml.

Tatiana: Hello, I would like to return an order 67383. Too small really and even ordered a suit where it was written corset and skirt, and its a dress with a bare back,how to send the suit back and get the money. Thank you.


Hello! Expect during the working day, You will be contacted by the Manager.

PhoenixXXX: I want to ask a sandals there 44-45 size, or may have the opportunity to order????



Sirius: I live in the suburbs of Kiev. Is it possible to meet the courier in Kiev?__


Yes, of course.

Julia: Hello! Please tell me, if you order a dress pre-order__ and include it in a bulk order, it will be at wholesale price or not?


Hello ! Yes, all items on the wholesale website, wholesale prices.

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