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valentina: Not happy, was delivered in five days absolutely not what I ordered. Maybe I was just unlucky. Yes, and the promised effect is not observed.

Hello, before the holidays delay with Express delivery, the product delivered everything clearly what You ordered.

Alex: Please enroll bonuses with order 67507. Thank you!


Name: Good day! Thanks to the competence responsible for ordering 61624 couldnt pick it up on the new post. WHERE did cash IN the amount of UAH 360 when I clearly wrote that the order is paid by credit card?! It is clear that Private hacks, but to pay twice Im not going. The transaction number on liquida - 27767715 on 24.07.2013.!!!!!!! Ie funds should be obtained!!! WHAT OTHER COD???? Then, the feeling that the comments in the order written in vain: I wrote on the website that sending in Dnepropetrovsk is held on 2 August. Friday next week I will be forced to write a refusal from receipt of the order, with an appropriate refund to my Bank account in the amount of 360 USD.

Hello, operator error, fix abolishing cash on delivery, thanks for the info.

fifib: fiftyfive

Natalia: What form immersed panties from behind and bodice Cup? / Article: IXI13264

Normal panties, Cup is.

satisen1: Please charge bonuses in order 65692 on the login satisen1


jms: has anyone tried the want for girls to buy / Article: IXI11921

Very comfortable and practical panties.

Olexiy: The store works fine. Attentive managers, delivery at the specified time, the system of discounts. All super. When the bonus system?

Thank You, starting on 1 December.

Alena: Tell me, in case of courier delivery, you need a passport? If paying via the Bank, what are the details?

Upon delivery to Kiev, is not needed, in case of courier delivery in Ukraine a passport is needed, the details we are putting You upon confirmation of Your order.

skandal: Hello, do you have strap-ons for women from cybercore?

Now there is nothing available.

Novel: Bought just! Awesome! Without a meter of course tight. And first, it is unclear how to promote despite a lot of manuals. It turns out far not at once. / Article: IXI132133

hdd2: 41544 / Article: IXI13302

Within 3-5 working days this product is out of stock.

Tatiana: Shorts length 16 cm? / Article: IXI19238

Yes, 16 see

Stas: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you. / Article: TOY9144


Lena: my username 9miss9you9.

Sergey: This service is not in every store, which is a pity ((... It would be nice to add photos of the product in a gift box.

Thank you, soon we will share.

Tatiana: Good evening. Received the order 87695 . Would like to return back. Not suitable size. Where to send the product and when will refund? Thank you

Good day, we will call you back and inform details of goods return.

marianna: what is penetration depth? / Article: IXI10849

Up to 15 cm.

Irina: Hello, I have ordered goods within 30 days of the month of August, still waiting, order number, 16509, tell me I should wait and how long will it take?

Hello, Your order is expected to arrive at the product, what You had to inform our operators. As soon as the goods to be available, we will contact You.

Anonymous: The main skill to use it! / Article: DEL7180

Tatiana: Hello. My order No. 45088 was sent 05.05.2012 g. still no email! Tracking it is still in Kiev and not talking!

Hello, the tracking indicated that it left the Kiev post office, its further fate is still unknown.

Alexander: Methods of delivery in Sebastopol?

Hello. In Sevastopol, no delivery.

Julia: Hello!__I want my photo on the poster.How to do it?

On the page

Olga: Thank you very much ! Everything came in safe and sound ) join the range and will definitely continue to cooperate with you ! P. S. but the speed still improve

Cyril: Thank you very much for your promptness and responsibility in work!

Thank You for your kind review and choosing our shop.

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