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Chastity belt (M) / Outdoor male chastity belt CB-3000

Outdoor male chastity belt CB-3000. Артикул: IXI13954

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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI13954
Weight: 0.4 kg.
Diameter: 4 cm
Length: 8 cm
For: men
Material: plastic
Color: transparent
We strongly recommend you to use this device with the use of baby oil or cream. This will allow the natural movement of the penis. Very durable material - polycarbonate. Light weight, convenient for cleaning. There are different belt sizes. This will allo

Outdoor male chastity belt CB-3000. Артикул: IXI13954Outdoor male chastity belt CB-3000. Артикул: IXI13954
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Black chastity device CB-6000S
chastity Belt for men significantly different from womens. Although there are the same types of clothes as the women. Generally a chastity belt for men is a cage for the penis. Made of plastic or stainless medical steel. Chastity belt for men can be used as a reliable locking of the male penis for psychological calm women. Because for women the main thing that the man did not go to the side. Can also be used as an attribute for sex play. You can experiment in different ways, the main thing to include imagination. Reliably securing the chastity belt can be locked with a padlock and key to hide in a safe place, and make a man earn it. Does not require special care of the design, enough to wash under running water with soap. To buy in the store for search queries: .


Vadim: From what Ive seen, this Dildo is the most classy. Want this to give to my wife. I want to find exactly the same, but salatnogo color. / Article: DEL908

Anonymous: Good afternoon. Came some confusion. Id like to cancel a duplicate order 39456. And about 39457, ordered in the night from Friday to Saturday - I unfortunately do not understand, do you expect me to call Manager on weekends - if Yes, contact did not take place, or respectively on Monday?


Hello, confirmation orders MON-FRI, sometimes on SAT.

Rust: As for circumcision loved? / Article: IXI11632


Yes, it doesnt matter.

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