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Super-realistic extension nozzle member
Super-realistic extension nozzle on the penis
Super-realistic extension nozzle member 5 cm
Super-realistic extension nozzle on the members bodily
Super-realistic extension nozzle member 2.5 cm
Tip to penis Pleasure X-TENDER
Super realistic head with vibropile
Super-realistic head of the penis
Super-Realistic Penis Extender LV1066B
Extra Vibrating Transformer
Super-realistic penis
SALE! Silicone ring 1 piece
3X Thick vibrating transformer
3X Thick vibrating transformer
United cock ring COCKRING
Transparent cock ring Power Plus vibration
Transparent silicone ring
The head of the penis with a double vibrator soft, stretchy silicone
Vibracolor Power heart Clit Cockring
The head of the penis with a double vibrator
Nozzle with vibration Power Stamina Clit Cockring blue
Cock vibracolor Power Stamina
Clitoral stimulator
Black cock ring for penis Power Plus
Transparent cock ring Power Plus
The extension nozzle to the Revolutionary Nature penis Extender
Super-realistic extension nozzle on the Revolutionary Nature penis Extender
Cock ring silicone COCKRING
Cock ring COCKRING
Cock ring in Platinum-Cure Silicone Cockring
Silicone ring black
Cock ring with clitoral stimulator Clit Cockring Power Thriller
Set of 2 silicone cock rings
Nozzle with vibration Power Stamina Clit Cockring

OUT OF STOCK / ON ORDER → Nozzles and rings

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Super realistic the extension tube for the penis
Super-Realistic Penis Extender Sleeve
Cock ring with vibration Power Rabbit Clit Cockring
3X Thick vibrating transformer out of silicone


Attachments and penis rings are some of the most popular and sought after intimate toys. With the help of nozzles is able not only to increase the size of a mans penis, but also to deliver extra pleasure and stimulation to your partner with additional short moustaches and pimples. There are also nozzles with vibration that enthralls both partners and raises sex life to a new level. Such intimate products you need after each use clean and disinfect with antiseptic. It is also necessary to properly store such products and to remove the batteries during non-use. The tip and ring with vibration bring diversity and new thrill in the sexual life of couples. To buy in the store Nozzles and rings, cock rings, Cockrings penis for search queries: .


Denis: Please enroll bonuses with order No. 68534 on the login MrRobby

Sema: Please enroll bonuses with order No. 69154 Login SemaSTALKER


bonuses are credited !

Igor : what a long frictions / Article: IXI13497


About 12 cm

Nagnibeda Anatoly: Hello! I just paid for the name Nagnibeda Anatoly Khmelnitsky, Suma 540РіСЂРЅ. Unfortunately, the post office, I no information not received, probably due to the fact that I used Inbox I for is currently unavailable. I want to ask You, if possible, give me a purchase history in this office, or send in the mail will be very grateful.


Added all the orders in account with a login - Anatoly

Andrey2003: Please tell me here what size panties? IXI47911 will Fit size M / Article: IXI47911


Yes, they are very flexible.

Aida: I write the answer ? I confirmed the order 59934 and when do I reap?


Your reservation is confirmed and on Monday will be sent.

Tanya: Hello. 9.01.2012 I received the order the carnival dress, but the size does not match the (very large). I would like to exchange or return?!


Hello, carnival costumes and dresses after the respective holidays, returns and exchanges are not subject.

andry: instead of ordering IXI12175, its not clear what. Such sales is not on the site.


Hello, please tell us Your order number and detail will be amazed what product You received.

Oksana: The first time used the services of your shop, tell me, please, yesterday when I generate the order and this morning the order status all 3 positions were in stock today after order confirmation, the order status shows that only one position is available , the other under the order. This means that there will be 3 items in one package or just one item and pay for 3 ,then the rest will chamber the next round without paying for shipping? Or your answer?


Hello! Please specify the order number.

Svetlana: Good order 79835 .the gown is black. It is not kept on the breast lace.can I return an item or exchange for something else.thank you for understanding.the goods you have already sent.

Julia: Hello!__I want my photo on the poster.How to do it?


On the page

Elena: I have ordered a dress.. in photos it was not transparent, and it is transparent.. can I return it back?


Hello, the photograph clearly shows that it is transparent, You can only exchange the item.

Vitaly: login winter wolf2


Account not found, report the phone number or the order number !

Valeria: Look very impressive, but as soon as the last ball will be in the ass, You will forget about everything. Recommend! / Article: DEL4340

Julia: Hello, is it possible to return the order 79663? You sent me not what I ordered


Please send to article or photos of the goods You received.

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