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Stimulant Clitofing transparent
Three cock rings Get hard
Three cock rings Get hard purple
Silicone vibration-nozzle COCKRING, purple
Ring with vibrator bear
Stimulant Clitofing
Кольцо Sean Michaels Love Ring
Pad with vibration
SALE! Nozzles Joy black magic Rings, 6 PCs
SALE! Nozzle
Vibromassage Maximus Ring
SALE! Set of 6 gel tips
SALE! The nozzle on the penis blue color
Super realistic head with vibropile
Super-realistic head of the penis
Transparent head of the penis with pimples
Cock rings - Stretchy Power
Silicone vibration-nozzle COCKRING, transparent
Super-Realistic Penis Extender LV1066B
Head on penis Nude silikonovaja
Vibrating ring black elastic silicone
Extra Vibrating Transformer
Elastic nozzle - Power Stretchy Sleeve
Super-realistic penis
SALE! Cock ring - clitoral stimulators
Ring vibrator for penis
Three cock ring pink
Nozzle-condom, strap-on
Vibracolor red - OVO B2
SALE! Silicone ring 1 piece
Nozzle vibration ring
The head of the penis -16001
The head of the penis
Vibration-nozzle on the penis Exciter Vibrator mit
3X Thick vibrating transformer
3X Thick vibrating transformer
United cock ring COCKRING
The head of the penis Star
Transparent cock ring Power Plus vibration
Transparent silicone ring
The set of nozzles
The head of the penis with a double vibrator soft, stretchy silicone
Black cock lasso Ring Bad Kitty
Bodily attachment-grid on the penis Orgasmus Wunder
Cock ring with clitoral stimulation Cockring BK/Bullet
The nozzle on the finger (black, Nude)
Vibracolor black OVO B2
Vibracolor Power heart Clit Cockring
The head of the penis with a double vibrator
Nozzle with vibration Power Stamina Clit Cockring blue
Cock vibracolor Power Stamina
Clitoral stimulator
Black cock ring for penis Power Plus
Transparent cock ring Power Plus
Head on penis 10045D
Head on penis pink
The Clit Tickler - 3 pieces
Cock head stimulator Funny Kangaroo
Vibrating ring on penis
The vibrating stimulator on the testicles
Ring for the penis
Silicone nozzle-ring on penis
Elastic attachment on the penis 2 pieces
Tip for penis mesh
Nozzle for vibro penis ring Sleeve
Cock ring with 3 wielawski balls
The extension nozzle to the Revolutionary Nature penis Extender
Super-realistic extension nozzle on the Revolutionary Nature penis Extender
Cock ring silicone COCKRING
Cock ring COCKRING
Cock ring in Platinum-Cure Silicone Cockring
Vibrator finger Finger Clip
Cock ring, techno
Elastic attachment to the penis
The set of three lasso Elastic for penis Erection
SALE! Vibromassage Bulls Eye Ring
Inflatable Head-strap Dildiee
Silicone ring black
SALE! Head to the glowing penis
SALE! The set of bits Basic Essentials
Ring on penis 4 Bad Kitty
Black closed nozzle grid for the penis with vibration Black VelvetBlack Velvet Sleeve
Black vibrator on a finger or penis BLACK UNDERNEATH
The ribbed head of the penis
Vibrating ring rabbit Cock Ring Rabbit
Vibrator with nasday
The extension tube with vibration Vibrating Sleeve
Vibracolor OVO B8
Vibracula for Orion Silicone penis Cock Ring
Cock ring with clitoral stimulator Clit Cockring Power Thriller
Set of 2 silicone cock rings
Regulatory ring - Love
Silicone nozzle
Cock rings
Nozzle with vibration - Dolphin
Silicone vibrating nozzle - Brave
Stimulant for the penis black
Vibrating Dildo with pimples
PROFITABLE! A set of colored ear tips, 25 PCs
Nozzle with vibration Power Stamina Clit Cockring
Silicone vibrating nozzle
Vibrating ring black
A set of six cock rings of various shapes SIXPACK PENISRINGE
Attachment to the penis Monsieur
Ring with 2 wielawski balls Ball Banger Cock Ring
Vibracolor purple Beefcake Dual Ring
Vibracolor purple 7 Model Finger Vibe-lovely Rabbit
Transparent silicone cockrings OXBALLS
Set of cock rings ThRUSTER
Red silicone cockrings OXBALLS
Yellow silicone cockrings OXBALLS
Green silicone cockrings OXBALLS

OUT OF STOCK / ON ORDER → Nozzles and rings

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Attachment for clitoral stimulation Super Stretch
The extension nozzle Extra
Cock ring Stud ring made from elastic latex
The extension nozzle Super Stretch
Three cock rings Get hard pink color
Nozzle silicone Penis Sleeve
Ring with vibrator Bunny
Super realistic the extension tube for the penis
Purple head penis
Super-Realistic Penis Extender Sleeve
Nozzle Cock Cage
Nozzle member
The nozzle on the penis Brave
7 embossed silicone ear tips
Cock ring Stretchy
Head on penis
Cock ring with vibration Power Rabbit Clit Cockring
Nozzle - Power Stretchy Sleeve
Nozzle - Brave
3X Thick vibrating transformer out of silicone
The head of the penis set
Set of two transparent silicone rings 2ER RINGESET LOOPING
The head of the penis VariРѕ
Buy Head Power Stretchy Sleeve
Ring for the penis
Brave Man Super elastic nozzle - condom
Silicone nozzle on the penis
Nozzle silicone
Head of a penis with balls
Ring for the penis and scrotum Bad Kitty
Vibrating tip penis
Vibromassage BUNNY
Vibro-ring BODY
Tailor Made Crystal
Black Velvets Vibrat
Bunny Remote Cockrin
Clear Affair Masturb
Vibracolor OVO B6
PENIS SLEEVE Transparent
Ring Crawley with vibration
cock rings 6szt
Pretty Love - Curitis
Lust Explorer
NS Lust Sleeve
P-Point Cock Ring


Attachments and penis rings are some of the most popular and sought after intimate toys. With the help of nozzles is able not only to increase the size of a mans penis, but also to deliver extra pleasure and stimulation to your partner with additional short moustaches and pimples. There are also nozzles with vibration that enthralls both partners and raises sex life to a new level. Such intimate products you need after each use clean and disinfect with antiseptic. It is also necessary to properly store such products and to remove the batteries during non-use. The tip and ring with vibration bring diversity and new thrill in the sexual life of couples. To buy in the store Nozzles and rings, cock rings, Cockrings penis for search queries: .


Eugene: Thank you, all came quickly

Name: happy 8th of March!!!thank you that you are!!!


Thank You. Always welcome.

Anonymous: And what is the cost of delivery in Simferopol.?


Postal delivery 15-25 UAH.

Oleg: Ordered, very quickly delivered. Tried - liked it. And most importantly the wife is now very happy! (He immediately took away all the keys and spatula) :-))) / Article: IXI13973

Ira: package BMW, thats confidential, toys (for the umpteenth time we order!) love. The managers are lovely: explain everything, tell all)) vossem, very pleased) thank you)


Thank you very much for the nice review.

valentina: Not happy, was delivered in five days absolutely not what I ordered. Maybe I was just unlucky. Yes, and the promised effect is not observed.


Hello, before the holidays delay with Express delivery, the product delivered everything clearly what You ordered.

Asya: Stockings cool, looks great. Elastic band that holds the stockings, sits securely. For the money is just great!!! / Article: IXI15718

stranger: please tell me the status заказа39454. I did not specify the size, can I add data to the order?


Hello, the size is specified, Your order is shipped.

Agentnikita: Please tell me, when you see the prices in the bonuses? And will it be possible to pay for the goods partially local, partially bonuses?


Hello ! Soon edit bonuses. The product can be bought either in bonuses or in UAH.

Spartacus: Tell me, doll vagina round or not?


What do you mean?

Jaroslav: Hello,order No. 75746,when do I send?Thanks in advance


Hello ! Today expect an SMS with the number of TTN

Anya: Latex lingerie is very sexy!

kievbdsm: Super! thank you) me and my Lady love)) I wear for three days - when the morning erection a little uncomfortable but quite wearable! Made very high quality! p.s. Waiting for the promised updates on the assortment of gags with dildos. / Article: IXI13300


Assortment of gags updated. Maybe this gag will interest You

Nan: Hello! I bought a swimsuit from you and unfortunately he does not come,is it possible to exchange?? / Article: IXI12034

Olga: Good evening !!! today received the goods, quality and look very happy!!! but... the corset that I ordered a little too big for me , possible to exchange to size S SKU 12352?


Hello, You can exchange this product.

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Nozzle-condom, strap-on
United cock ring COCKRING
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