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Three cock rings Get hard black
SALE! Nozzles Joy black magic Rings, 6 PCs
Vibromassage Elephant
Cock rings - Stretchy Power
Vibrating ring black elastic silicone
Elastic nozzle - Power Stretchy Sleeve
Nozzle-condom, strap-on
United cock ring COCKRING
Black cock lasso Ring Bad Kitty
Head of penis black
SALE! Leather ring with vibrator
Cock ring with clitoral stimulation Cockring BK/Bullet
Vibracolor black OVO B2
Vibracolor Power heart Clit Cockring
The head of the penis with a double vibrator
Black cock ring for penis Power Plus
The Clit Tickler - 3 pieces
Vibrating ring on penis
The vibrating stimulator on the testicles
Ring for the penis
Tip for penis mesh
Nozzle for vibro penis ring Sleeve
Cock ring silicone COCKRING
Silicone ring black
Ring on penis 4 Bad Kitty
Head on penis Black Beads
Black closed nozzle grid for the penis with vibration Black VelvetBlack Velvet Sleeve
Black vibrator on a finger or penis BLACK UNDERNEATH
The ribbed head of the penis
Vibracolor OVO B8
Vibracula for Orion Silicone penis Cock Ring
Vibrating stimulator black
Stimulant for the penis black
Nozzle with vibration Power Stamina Clit Cockring
Vibrating ring black
Set of cock rings ThRUSTER

OUT OF STOCK / ON ORDER → Nozzles and rings

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Cock ring Stud Ring
Head penis Cockring Titanmen
Vibro-ring BODY
Black Velvets Vibrat
Bunny Remote Cockrin
Vibracolor OVO B6
Pretty Love - Curitis
P-Point Cock Ring


Attachments and penis rings are some of the most popular and sought after intimate toys. With the help of nozzles is able not only to increase the size of a mans penis, but also to deliver extra pleasure and stimulation to your partner with additional short moustaches and pimples. There are also nozzles with vibration that enthralls both partners and raises sex life to a new level. Such intimate products you need after each use clean and disinfect with antiseptic. It is also necessary to properly store such products and to remove the batteries during non-use. The tip and ring with vibration bring diversity and new thrill in the sexual life of couples. To buy in the store Nozzles and rings, cock rings, Cockrings penis for search queries: .


Neraa: Length 16 cm?) And in fact, what is the length (short and long parts)? / Article: IXI11216

Alena: And what is the diameter of the cuffs? / Article: TOY9505


Inner diameter of about 4 cm.

Daria: Would expect. / Article: IXI15720


The goods under the order expect 2-3 weeks. Wait for the notification.

Alena: Tell me, in case of courier delivery, you need a passport? If paying via the Bank, what are the details?


Upon delivery to Kiev, is not needed, in case of courier delivery in Ukraine a passport is needed, the details we are putting You upon confirmation of Your order.

Vitaly: Hello, I have lost your discount card, you can send her number.



Natalia: I would like to know about that order No. 41087 from 11.12.2011 (al gaming body)? It will be or not? / Article: IXI15756


Hello, Yes during the week should be delivery.

kurt: tell me the truth. bonuses will not be exchanged for goods?


Hello, in September will begin work new bonus system all bonuses are saved.

Natalia: Please tell me the size / Article: IXI34148


Length 10 cm, maximum diameter of 3 cm.

Oleksandr: took your medicine PENIS the result is zero we can say that even worse than it was, return the money or replace another medicine


Can try another drug

Nicholas: Great store. It quickly and efficiently. I would like to see latex clothing in stock.

Andrew: They need to drink or is it cream? / Article: DEL2815


In the name of the goods indicated that the capsules, but also Penimax exists in the form of a cream, its article DEL2807.

Anonymous: I would like to purchase goods in the amount of$ 1000, is it possible for postage to Tbilisi (Georgia) and the approximate cost of shipment?


Unfortunately we do not send parcels in other countries, but if You have any proposals for specific transportation companies, we are ready to consider Your order.

Igor: hacsu__ / Article: IXI13854

Novel: And with postal delivery what type she has? You can design the packing so that outsiders could not understand, whats inside? And to could only I passport?


Naturally, we work with complete confidentiality.

Sergey: Tell me if to use to prolong sexual intercourse spray anesthetic with lidocaine - does that influence the development of pregnancy. Whether research in this direction. Because the Lidocaine changes the acidity of the vagina and correspondingly affects the movement of sperm. Question - does spray lidocaine nya the process of conception ???


Unfortunately, we do not advise with such a delicate matter, you need to apply directly to the doctor.

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