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Three cock rings Get hard purple
Stimulant Clitofing
SALE! Set of 6 gel tips
Three cock ring pink
Nozzle vibration ring
The head of the penis with a double vibrator soft, stretchy silicone
Cock vibracolor Power Stamina
Head on penis pink
Cock ring with 3 wielawski balls
Nozzle with vibration - Dolphin
Silicone vibrating nozzle
Ring with 2 wielawski balls Ball Banger Cock Ring
Vibracolor purple 7 Model Finger Vibe-lovely Rabbit

OUT OF STOCK / ON ORDER → Nozzles and rings

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Cock ring with vibration Power Rabbit Clit Cockring
Vibromassage Rabbit
Vibromassage BUNNY
Ring Crawley with vibration
cock rings 6szt


Attachments and penis rings are some of the most popular and sought after intimate toys. With the help of nozzles is able not only to increase the size of a mans penis, but also to deliver extra pleasure and stimulation to your partner with additional short moustaches and pimples. There are also nozzles with vibration that enthralls both partners and raises sex life to a new level. Such intimate products you need after each use clean and disinfect with antiseptic. It is also necessary to properly store such products and to remove the batteries during non-use. The tip and ring with vibration bring diversity and new thrill in the sexual life of couples. To buy in the store Nozzles and rings, cock rings, Cockrings penis for search queries: .


Natalia: That dress is just super!!! looks very sexy. The figure was perfect ( my settings 87/64/92). Thats just such flawed figures as cellulite or a few extra lbs. wouldnt recommend... because the material is thin and fits like a second skin, so all the flaws will be visible. / Article: IXI11241

Anonymous: Parcel received. by the way, thank you very much))) all happy!

FREENAS: when will it be available? ) I really want to buy... / Article: IXI12040


Expected within 2 weeks.

Andrew: Tell me, what conditions, shelf life, warranty? (if any). Thank you. / Article: DEL38


About the warranty keep silence, and on account of the exploitation that they break down very rarely.

Chernicovich : Tell how to order? How long to wait? And what about privacy?


Hello ! Leave Your phone number, You will contact the Manager!

Yana: Review / Article: IXI16237

Lily: Hello! I did the order but I have lost the number of the Declaration. how would you know?


Hello, the number of the Declaration 56021000750595

Irina: Good evening. received the dress you have ordered as I can to return it. Never worn. The small size (although at your size chart I just. had to enter into it). Received new mail. Cash back sent.


Hello, carnival costumes and dresses after the respective holidays, returns and exchanges are not subject.

Lena: Hello. Please enroll me in the bonuses for order No. 71049 (1533) on this account, as at the time of implementation of the order was not registered and the order was issued to the email Inbox.


Notify Your username and enter Your account contact information.

Name: Thank you! Get started to use.

Novel: Paid. Check payment

Eugene: Thank you, all came quickly

LOL: called on the firm to you today - said that the weight of 32 kg as well? / Article: IXI16012


This is an approximate weight .__Once again we repeat, we donT measure and the carrier ! __This is not a piece of paper and a tight tube for transportation of fragile articles, paintings and other things.

Anonymous: Is there a minimum order?


You can place an order for any bag, since the delivery we have in any case paid.

Valera: Made order came wrong item that you have specified. Found on the website two of the same suit, but with different price, you probably didnt put the right pictures. We wish to return either my money or deliver the required product.


Hello, please write what product You ordered and what items did You place him.

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