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Chastity belt (M) / Male chastity belt CB-6000S 7 cm

Male chastity belt CB-6000S 7 cm. Артикул: IXI15116

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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI15116
Weight: 0.5 kg.
Diameter: 3 cm
Length: 7 cm
Material: plastic
Color: transparent
Case dimensions chastity belt: length — 7 cm, inner diameter — 3.5 cm ring Size: 3.8 cm, 4.1 cm, 4.5 cm, and 4.75 cm, 5 cm chastity Belt CB 6000S is the smaller version of the CB 6000 (length CB 6000 S is 6.4 cm, and CB 6000 — 8.3 cm). Two popular models of chastity belts differ only in size, otherwise they are identical. You can restrict access to the genitals of your partner, putting on his chastity belt CB 6000S. His life does not change, only he cant touch his penis, and erections will be blocked. Take away the keys from CB 6000S and leave the victim completely under your control!CB 6000S is suitable not only for in-session games, but for permanent wear. High quality chastity belt is completely safe for the body and does not cause discomfort even in constant wearing. CB 6000S has openings for hygiene, ventilation and urination.Now the chastity belt has a classic body CB 6000S. Ring body is made of interrelated elements that when dressing are something like puzzles. Chastity belt consists of three main parts, which snap together and form the design of the CB 6000S. Ring dress very simply and quickly thanks to the hinged connections. Each kit CB 6000S comes with five different-diameter rings so that the chastity belt will fit all sizes.Fastening elements (case and ring) are connected at the top, where they captures a small brass lock. Lock the chastity belt passes through the Central hole and connects the ring body CB 6000S. Chastity belt has no metal parts, so that when you use plastic locks the carrier can easily pass through metal detectors. Each plastic lock has an individual serial number.The retaining ring has a flat design that makes a chastity belt is completely safe and very convenient: the media do not have to feel discomfort or pain. CB 6000S is perfect not only for in-session games, but for permanent wear. The 6000S chastity belt made of high quality hypoallergenic medical polycarbonate, fully safe for health. The material is lightweight, easy to clean and incredibly durable.Product options: CB 6000S Kit includes: chastity belt CB 6000S, five rings of different sizes five plastic locks (which will help the bearer of the chastity belt without any problems to go through metal detectors), one brass lock, key, four pins of different lengths, four plastic spacers of different lengths, as well as a handy black zipper pouch.About the manufacturer: CB 6000 began its development with a new approach to male chastity. This brand is the world leader in modern male chastity belt for years. All models CB 6000 provides comfort, safety and long term wear. Priorities of the brand has always been innovation in the manufacture of sex toys and high quality products. CB 6000 has created a real revolution in the intimate industry, for the first time creating such a comfortable and safe to use plastic chastity belts for men.

Male chastity belt CB-6000S 7 cm. Артикул: IXI15116Male chastity belt CB-6000S 7 cm. Артикул: IXI15116Male chastity belt CB-6000S 7 cm. Артикул: IXI15116Male chastity belt CB-6000S 7 cm. Артикул: IXI15116
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chastity Belt for men significantly different from womens. Although there are the same types of clothes as the women. Generally a chastity belt for men is a cage for the penis. Made of plastic or stainless medical steel. Chastity belt for men can be used as a reliable locking of the male penis for psychological calm women. Because for women the main thing that the man did not go to the side. Can also be used as an attribute for sex play. You can experiment in different ways, the main thing to include imagination. Reliably securing the chastity belt can be locked with a padlock and key to hide in a safe place, and make a man earn it. Does not require special care of the design, enough to wash under running water with soap. To buy in the store for search queries: .


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