all Sorts of little things from the world of BDSM are waiting for You in this section. Masks, gags, collars, belts, and much more will not leave You and Your partner indifferent. You know that these toys will definitely add passion and fire in Your relationship. Choose BDSM toys that have it, and You get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the colorful and full of feelings the world of BDSM, where pain borders on pleasure and desire burning flesh. All the various love of fantasy your world you can make a reality and get heavenly pleasure with a variety of toys from the Department bundles, and Kits. Look just do not overdo it with so called pleasure. Because pain and pleasure are so close and the line between them is so easy to step over. To buy in the store Kits and sets, BDSM kits, BDSM Kits for search queries: .

★ Available → Kits and sets

Recruitment for games - Kamasutra
Erotic kit bdsm atributiki
Sexy kit pink
Red and black set for sex games
Erotic set - Suite
Unlimited fantasy kit
Set for sex games black
Set of BDSM paraphernalia (natural leather)
Black female set clips
Erotic set for exciting flirting
Bdsm - set of 6 pieces
Bdsm - set of 5 items with leopard print
Bondage set red
Intimate toy PU LEAThER fetish set
Red set for the thrill
Cuffs for love
A set of steel shackles
Luxury set for erotic games and bondage
Luxury kit of erotic games
The kit of erotic games
A set of devices for BDSM games: mask, ball gag, handcuffs
Set for sex games black
Set for binding
DELUXE SM Bondage Kit - Set for light bdsm
Bdsm set of 3 items
Set a Playful leopard
Bdsm leather set of 5 pieces
Bdsm set of 5 items
Bdsm set of 4 items
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
A set of devices for BDSM games
Sexy kit BDSM
Kit clips Kit Purple Cheetah Bondaqe
Black leather bondage with 2 chains
Black leather bondage of sturdy leather
A set of clamps for a beginner
Набор Ultimate Fantasy Kit
Bdsm set of 5 pieces black
Set for erotic games
The kit of erotic games DELUXE SM Bondage Kit
A set of erotic accessories: mask, powder puff and handcuffs
Set for sex games
A set of clamps Nurse
BDSM-set for light bdsm
Bdsm set
Bdsm set of 3 items
BDSM-set for intimate life
Bdsm set of 5 elements
Erotic set for excitation
Bdsm set of 3 items
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
Bdsm set of 8 items
Bdsm set of 7 pieces purple
Black handcuffs 2 pairs
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★ out of stock / on order → Kits and sets

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Bdsm set of 9 items in pink
The daring set
Bdsm set of 9 items red
BK Bondage Set Ulti
BK Red Giant
Bdsm set of 9 items
Erotic kit
BK bondage set wide
BK hand-/Fu
Bdsm black set of 7 items
Bdsm set of 9 items black
Bdsm set of 7 items
Bdsm set of 6 items
Sexy kit BDSM games
BK Bondage Set
Set for light bdsm
Bondage Set
Handcuffs red
BK Bondage Kit
BK Bondage Set
Bdsm set of 3 items

Oksana: Twice I ordered the overalls.Came different quality.called asked how to find out what will happen this time.The girl does not know what sells!The answer SHINY as in the picture.but nothing in the picture is latex?


Hello ! Latex we have in the store is not for sale and never sold. Please specify the order number?

Galina: Hello, I want to enjoy you evening dress SKU: IXI13149 have in stock? what size of the dress and length?


Hello, at the moment, size: One Size (S/M).

Sergey: Tell me if to use to prolong sexual intercourse spray anesthetic with lidocaine - does that influence the development of pregnancy. Whether research in this direction. Because the Lidocaine changes the acidity of the vagina and correspondingly affects the movement of sperm. Question - does spray lidocaine nya the process of conception ???


Unfortunately, we do not advise with such a delicate matter, you need to apply directly to the doctor.

Anonymous: is it possible узн7ать why not confirmed the order 45481 ???


Need Your order confirmation via phone or email.

Andrew: Tell me, is it possible for bonuses to buy the product??? ATO says min order is 90 UAH!


Hello, the minimum order is 90 UAH.

Natalia: That dress is just super!!! looks very sexy. The figure was perfect ( my settings 87/64/92). Thats just such flawed figures as cellulite or a few extra lbs. wouldnt recommend... because the material is thin and fits like a second skin, so all the flaws will be visible. / Article: IXI11241

mr.M: S/M - more M, height 170-175 (160-165 will be collected). Tailoring - China. Composition: polyester - 35% cotton - 65% / Article: IXI19077


Thanks for the detailed information. Thank you for being our client!

Vitaly: Order No. 99460 paid 12.51 03.06.2017 from Pilipenko

Igor: Order No. 23034 made on 5 November 2010. It is now November 15. Where is my order?


Your order was shipped, the package should already be waiting for You at the post office.

Nastya: Question Is it possible to buy in a real shop or do you have a warehouse, but to SEE the goods before buying?


Unfortunately this is not possible.

VASILIYKRUC: I love to wear womens pretty things-stockings, panties, bodysuits, dresses. Would like to order a wig for yourself. Likes to wear a wig and painted. Love the vibrator to strap-on sex. Always yours VASILISA.


All the wigs in the section Clothing - Wigs.

Vadim: such a brilliant costume as in the picture? or a dull color ? / Article: IXI16452


All products are made of vinyl has a shiny look.

Connoisseur: And its beautiful as in the pictures? If you order, you will see that is not what can refuse?


Pictures fully correspond to the actual goods, so carefully examine the product before purchase. Unfortunately, the intimate goods returned or exchanged can not be.

Oleg: Hello! My order No. 40146 its been over a month and I never received it! Waiting for Your answer, and even better order!!! Galatella to the New one.year.


Hello, Your last item arrived at the warehouse. Order still relevant?

Katerina: How much time do you usually take the refund from cancellation of the order?


Hello, within 3 working days.

Natalia: You sent the return package No. 59000030220567. Sorry, for my height too big. Sincerely, Your customer. / Article: IXI15542


Please specify the order number or the phone number on which it was issued ?

Elena: Hello,is it possible to this sex machine machine gun article ІХІ13496купить extra nozzles? / Article: IXI13496


Hello ! In the nearest 2-3 weeks it is possible to supply this kind of goods.


denis: Hello.tell me what are the drugs or ointments do not cause addiction and those with no side effects on the body to increase the number of sexual acts?


Hello: DEL2694, MIL36.

skandal: Hello, do you have strap-ons for women from cybercore?


Now there is nothing available.

rashad276: Hey tell me which of your agents( acting quickly and efficiently well, to give her quietly and so she didnt know and see if she is excited ) bought Spanish flu gave her 15 drops in sales see no effect took a drink himself and smatryu really dont even have black eyes


Hello, for example

jms: has anyone tried the want for girls to buy / Article: IXI11921


Very comfortable and practical panties.

Vitaly: login winter wolf2


Account not found, report the phone number or the order number !

pegasus: I wonder what you can do with cm 13 ??? Wants 17-18cm. ! That advise ....:) / Article: Andro-P


You can only help the use of extenders, such as Andro-or P ProExtander.

Q Q: Today took the parcel. On Monday it was not. Thank you very much!

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Bdsm set of 3 items
Erotic set for excitation
Bondage set red
Bdsm - set of 5 items with leopard print
Red set for the thrill
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