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Erotic kit bdsm atributiki
Sexy kit pink
Red and black set for sex games
Erotic set - Suite
Unlimited fantasy kit
Set for sex games black
Black female set clips
Erotic set for exciting flirting
Bdsm set of 9 items
Bdsm - set of 6 pieces
Bdsm - set of 5 items with leopard print
Bdsm set of 5 items
Bondage set red
Set for light bdsm
Intimate toy PU LEAThER fetish set
Red set for the thrill
Cuffs for love
A set of steel shackles
Luxury set for erotic games and bondage
Luxury kit of erotic games
The kit of erotic games
Set for sex games black
Set for binding
DELUXE SM Bondage Kit - Set for light bdsm
Bdsm set of 3 items
Set a Playful leopard
Bdsm leather set of 5 pieces
Bdsm set of 4 items
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
Bdsm set of 8 items
A set of devices for BDSM games
Sexy kit BDSM
Kit clips Kit Purple Cheetah Bondaqe
Black leather bondage with 2 chains
A set of clamps for a beginner
Набор Ultimate Fantasy Kit
Bdsm set of 5 pieces black
Set for erotic games
The kit of erotic games DELUXE SM Bondage Kit
A set of erotic accessories: mask, powder puff and handcuffs
Set for sex games
A set of clamps Nurse
BDSM-set for light bdsm
Bdsm set
Bdsm set of 3 items
BDSM-set for intimate life
Bdsm set of 5 elements
Erotic set for excitation
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
Bdsm set of 7 pieces purple
Black handcuffs 2 pairs

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
A set of devices for BDSM games: mask, ball gag, handcuffs
Bdsm set of 9 items black
Bdsm set of 3 items
Bondage Set
Bdsm set of 3 items
Handcuffs red
Bdsm set of 9 items red
Set of BDSM paraphernalia (natural leather)
BK Bondage Set Ulti
Sexy kit BDSM games
BK Bondage Set
Bdsm set of 9 items in pink
The daring set
Bdsm set of 6 items
BK Bondage Kit
BK Red Giant
BK bondage set wide
Bdsm set of 7 items
Bdsm black set of 7 items
BK Bondage Set
Recruitment for games - Kamasutra
BK hand-/Fu
Erotic kit


all Sorts of little things from the world of BDSM are waiting for You in this section. Masks, gags, collars, belts, and much more will not leave You and Your partner indifferent. You know that these toys will definitely add passion and fire in Your relationship. Choose BDSM toys that have it, and You get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the colorful and full of feelings the world of BDSM, where pain borders on pleasure and desire burning flesh. All the various love of fantasy your world you can make a reality and get heavenly pleasure with a variety of toys from the Department bundles, and Kits. Look just do not overdo it with so called pleasure. Because pain and pleasure are so close and the line between them is so easy to step over. To buy in the store Kits and sets, BDSM kits, BDSM Kits for search queries: .


Marina: Managers are going to meet. Signalled the arrival on the stock of missing items from the order, held at the warehouse of already paid goods, combined into one several of my orders. In the end, I fell under the share, free shipping cost discount card with 10% discount in gift. Seriously, cherish every customer. Recommend.


We are glad to have brought You the pleasure of working with our store, thank You for being our client !

Sergey: Excellent marker, whited out all the scratches. / Article: IXI11765

Anonymous: how many batteries in 44775 / Article: IXI44775


In this model, the battery and the power supply 220.

Acne: I would like to know my order was sent or not. Phoned me 10 days ago and still nothing sent. Here is my order number 19660 check please.


Your order was sent on 11 February, if You go to the post office please do so, if You are in the office already had a possible delay UkrPoshta this is to apply again in a few days.

Artem: A pleasant smell. / Article: FEAMOURM1

@: Good day!You have ordered MIL37 it doesnt say to put on a Horny dick or not? And apply on the head or on the foreskin?


It does not matter in what condition the penis, but it is necessary to apply the crown.

Anonymous: When will sell Durex condoms? Given the normal prices, it would be very interesting.


Prices try to keep at an affordable level, but unfortunately Durex to sell yet do not plan.

Andrew: Tell me, what conditions, shelf life, warranty? (if any). Thank you. / Article: DEL38


About the warranty keep silence, and on account of the exploitation that they break down very rarely.

Tatiana: Did you return on 12/12/2013 and still waiting for a refund. Now not suit not money( __


Ask, why didnt you tell managers about the return ? the order number, the parcel number ?

Anonymous: Ordering 99462 paid

Alena: Tell me, in case of courier delivery, you need a passport? If paying via the Bank, what are the details?


Upon delivery to Kiev, is not needed, in case of courier delivery in Ukraine a passport is needed, the details we are putting You upon confirmation of Your order.

Anonymous: Parcel received. by the way, thank you very much))) all happy!

Andrew: Thank you very much. all fine. all super. the quality is also.

karpa: Is the zipper promezhnost? Vdova please email. / Article: IXI12345


Only solid clasp as in the photo.

Elena: Prompt, please, a Cup swimsuit padded? / Article: IXI15546


This swimsuit Cup is not.

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Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
Bdsm set of 5 pieces black
Bdsm set
Bdsm set of 8 items
A set of devices for BDSM games
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