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Lyubrikant Super-Rutscher
Moisturizing gel AguaGlide Anal
Moisturizing gel AquaGlide water-based
The lubricant BioGlide Anal, 80 ml.
Гель AquaGlide Cherry
Gel for oral sex with strawberries FrenchKiss
The Lubricant BioGlide
The lubricant BioGlide plus
Мазь Taurix extra strong
Гель AquaGlide Strawberry
The lubricant BioGlide, cherry, 80 ml
Vaginal lubricant - Massage Glide Aquaglide 2in1
PROFITABLE! A lubricant AQUAGLIDE 3 ml, 50 pieces
A lubricant AquaGlide banana 100 ml
A lubricant AquaGlide exotic fruit 100 ml
AQUAGLIDE 50 ML Vaginal lubrication
Aqua Glide lubricant 125ml
Bio-cream - Lubricant 40 ml.
A lubricant with the scent of watermelon
A lubricant AquaGlide raspberry, 100ml
SALE! A lubricant Splash, vanilla, 100 ml
A lubricant - Juicy strawberry
Lubricant 20 ML
A lubricant - Juicy raspberry


Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
A Lubricant Super Rutscher Anal
Moisturizing gel AquaGlide
Massage oil Warmup, cherry, 150 ml
Cream Clitorix
Grease banana Wonderglide 200 ml
A lubricant for men 150 ml.
Best man 40 ML
JO h2O Lubricant 75 ML


Oksana: Im in shock with this shop.. to start sent not yet changed, it turned out that I ordered the product is no longer available. In the end - sent halo with maggots, fat grubs..... the horror...... Does the product do not check at all???
→ Hello, the product is always visually checked before dispatch. Please verify that the maggots were in the product for the first time faced with a similar problem.

Natalia: Good day! Ordering 84699. You sent me the other design of womens leather lingerie. In prolana a bra is no comfortable velvet lining. HB cups, six Central straps. Cup of completely closed design. The picture was presented a different model. Four Central strap and Cup semi-open. Prislanyh the model is different. How to refund?
→ Hello, return the item to the return address on the warehouse for new mail, we will refund the full amount for the goods. The description and photo of the product necessarily change, it just happens. Please accept our apologies.

Basil: please list the bonuses with order 69872 on the login hammi
→ Dear customers, the bonuses are credited automatically, no need to inform us about it.

Natalia: Paid

Svetlana: Work quickly, well done
→ Thank you, from the pleasant customer to work with.

Oktoberfest 10/09-4/10
SALE! Vibrator Ultra Realistic
Ring - Rose gold
SALE! Sexy Monokini
SALE! Stylish red dress
SALE! Vest U.S. POLO ASSN. Basic Puffer Vest with Fleece hood
Elegant ring, the Rapture
SALE! Dress one shoulder with original brooch
SALE! Bikini set pink
Beautiful earring with butterfly
A set of earrings with a geometric print
Bright stikine as asterisks
Closed bandage mask
Erotic set for excitation
Chastity belt Points of Intrigue - C for CB-6000
SALE! Bracelet black
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