Brooches are a striking addition image, beautiful evening dress. Beautiful brooch in Baroque style is able to decorate even the a variety of dresses and even suits. A large selection of brooches in the shapes of animals and different birds will enchant you with its appearance. Lovely decoration for your neck will beautify any open neckline, giving you tenderness and charm. Different pendants, beads, or threads will give you Sharma. Pendants layered chains from the neck to the waist can be used with sexy underwear or no bra will look great in both cases. A variety of combinations at the waist will make your figure look curvy and it will attract the attention of your beloved. There are also a variety of chains for dainty feet. that will make your foot visually slimmer and petite. To buy in the store Jewelry and brooches, body Jewelry, Jewelry, bradecki for search queries: .

★ Available → Jewelry and brooches

Delicate decoration for the waist
Crystal jewelry
Sexy underwear jewelry
Decoration for waist
Shimmering belt
Shimmering embellishment to the waist
Decoration on the foot
Crystal decoration
Shimmering embellishment to the waist silver
Decoration on the body
Sexy decoration to waist
Decoration for waist Babes
Shimmering waist chain
Golden brooch in the shape of a butterfly
Chic lace necklace
Silver decoration in the form of dragonflies
Decoration red rhinestones
Gothic necklace black
Belt - rock Star
Golden brooch in the shape of strawberries
The decoration on the thighs
A shimmering belt
A shimmering belt - Princess
Sexy belt
Decoration - Snowflake
Golden brooch Lady
Golden brooch
Butterfly Brooch
Butterfly brooch with a flower
Brooch - mother of Pearl flower
Brooch - Golden Dolphin
Brooch with pearl stones
Charming brooch
Brooch - the Firebird
The brooch Cobra
Brooch - Dolphin
Chain with Cobra
Elegant necklace with rock crystal
Pink necklace
Brooch - zodiac Sign
Golden brooch in the shape of a turtle
Shimmering brooch - Cobra
Brooch - Spiders
Brooch - Golden butterfly
Brooch - Cobra
Brooch - two-headed snake with stones
Brooch - two-headed snake
Brooch - Gold crocodile
Brooch - Red crab
Brooch - Flower meadow
Brooch - Butterfly on flower
Brooch - White Apple
Brooch - Flower
Wedding brooch
The set - Bright colors

★ out of stock / on order → Jewelry and brooches

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Stylish brooch for evening dresses
Silver brooch with rhinestones
Silver brooch in the shape of a flower
Long pendant at the neck and waist
Charming brooch with hearts
Golden decoration of the four rings
Silver brooch with stones mother of pearl c
Fashion brooch with pearl
Elegant decoration with large stones
Long pendant at the neck and waist
Brooch in the shape of a peacock with rhinestone
Fashion Blue Flower Sweater Chains
Fishnet Rhinestone Wedding Bracelet Jewelry
Pearl brooch
Brooch - gold Firebird
Silver brooch with stones mother of pearl c

Natalia: Body very much. The quality is excellent and looks simply gorgeous! / Article: IXI15756

Name: order number No. 66854, it clearly didnt work in xxx, a maximum of two, and sometimes even less, little magic unicorn, waiting for an order, and the size is not suitable. / Article: IXI15844

pegasus: the maximum discount you what? interesting / Article: Andro-P


Read more about discounts visit promotions & discounts.

Elena: I refuse to make the order is made only because the item was not in stock. How do I know that the order has been cancelled? Phone I dont have to call.


Your order is deleted.

vlad: Payment(68793) was performed before registration( login vladet).Still, please enroll bonuses.


Bonuses order 68793 enrolled !

Anonymous: I would like to purchase goods in the amount of$ 1000, is it possible for postage to Tbilisi (Georgia) and the approximate cost of shipment?


Unfortunately we do not send parcels in other countries, but if You have any proposals for specific transportation companies, we are ready to consider Your order.

Andrew: Hello, tell me if it will fit this kit if__Chest - 110 Waist 100 Hip 120__ / Article: IXI12387


Yes, no problem

kATHRINA: How to make payment to PrivatBank card NUMBER?


In case of payment to PrivatBank card no need to specify the order number as payment identification occurs by the transfer amount.

Irina: How is the order and how doll to wait IXI30396, on the dimension table, you have a 10-16 and in the product of s-l, how to determine that which corresponds to / Article: IXI30396


Fixed table dimension.

anon188: thank you for the fast bonuses. but where to spend it? do not see a price in that local currency


on the website is moderated, expect system restore !

Natalia: Hello!__I would like to return the red riding hood costume (SKU IXI12534 (DL-LC8553) cost 488 UAH and its accompanying 10% discount card. I havent worn, as the size of the costume more than I do and the quality of the fabric dresses, capes, and especially the corset (a sharp chemical smell and I have allergies) leave much to be desired. As the new year holidays soon, the suit is not dressed. __Yesterday the phone number 099 372 52 06 the return was agreed. I was told to send a suit to the office No. 12 New mail Kiev on the recipient Kordybach Sergei without cod. __When I can after sending to get a refund and how? I have a payment card FUIB and Aval. __Thanks in advance.


Hello ! Specify the number of the Declaration of NP return that wed be able to pick it up. And the order number.

Oleg: Great store!!! Pleases a large selection of goods! Keep it up!!!


Thank you, daily adding new products.

Andrew: Promptly executed the order. All issues are resolved, specifies the possible options. Thanks guys!!!

Anastasia: Hello. Lost your discount card. Is there a way to restore it?


The number of Your discount card ****.

Andrew: is there a zipper between the legs / Article: IXI15731


Yes, there is.

Viktor: enroll, please bonuses..order No. 69078 and # 70318 on the login vgentle


Bonuses credited.

Oleg: Administrators recommend to move to the modern system of ONLINE payment with a plastic card or on R/C. shipping transport companies.__Archaic post office (shipping 4-7 days) almost nobody uses. Therefore for 2 reasons cant make an order in your store.


Thank you for your attention to our service, automation of payment through plastic cards already in the process of connecting and working with other companies we have long had in mind, I think very soon we will become even more convenient for our customers.

Asya: Stockings cool, looks great. Elastic band that holds the stockings, sits securely. For the money is just great!!! / Article: IXI15718

Irynka: 1) and can photo szado? 2) the top push-up? / Article: IXI19135


Hello ! Extra photos are not provided, the push-up is missing.

Mila: very impressive sitting. just super sex / Article: IXI14169

Oksana: Liked some vinyl jumpsuits, but did not understand. You have them sewn to order? / Article: IXI15732


Most vinyl coveralls in one universal size - one size (S/M).

Veronica: Good day, please is-it possible to find a swimsuit on - bodice with push up and Thong trusky. Just go through the more than five hundred products for a long time, and not always at the pattern photo, you can define interest parameters. Thank you!

Natalia: Set very much! It looks great! Especially nice that it has acquired for the bonuses. This bonus system really makes the purchase doubly enjoyable. Thank you!

LOL: called on the firm to you today - said that the weight of 32 kg as well? / Article: IXI16012


This is an approximate weight .__Once again we repeat, we donT measure and the carrier ! __This is not a piece of paper and a tight tube for transportation of fragile articles, paintings and other things.

Alex: A good cream. The effect that is necessary... I have soreness the second day. / Article: INV148

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