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Leggings and fur / Fashion Leg Warmer

Fashion Leg Warmer. Артикул: IXI49696

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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI49696
Weight: 0.1 kg.
Material: faux fur
Size: one size (S/M)
Color: beige
The perfect leg warmer for women Elastic material Cheap price with high quality

Fashion Leg Warmer. Артикул: IXI49696Fashion Leg Warmer. Артикул: IXI49696Fashion Leg Warmer. Артикул: IXI49696Fashion Leg Warmer. Артикул: IXI49696Fashion Leg Warmer. Артикул: IXI49696
White fur leg warmers
Fur leg warmers covers
Leg warmers assorted colors, 3pcs
Warm knitted gloves
SALE! Short fur leg warmers
Fur has long been prized by the fair half of mankind. In ancient times, the male breadwinner was trying to kill tiger, not in order to feed his family and in order to please his beloved new beautiful coat. In modern society it makes no sense to kill animals in order to get a cute fluffy collar to the jacket. In the 21st century people learned how to make fake fur which is no worse than natural, has many advantages. Lots of leg warmers will be able to warm up and give you sexuality and brightness to your everyday style. And will surely warm your fragile feet. perfectly with sleek leggings. Will give your image brightness and unusual adding. Look great with short coats with faux fur and mini skirts. Huge selection of products. To buy in the store for search queries: .


Artem: A pleasant smell.

LOL: it is true that their weight more than 30 kg ?????????
→ Hello, 50pcs order all 5kg.

Dmitry: Gentlemen... something in my order does not add up... Like already and the number of the Declaration promised, and again the impenetrable silence.... (23185)
→ Your order is expected to supply of goods which because of the holidays so late. As soon as we receive the item will send the parcel.

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