All to translate into a carnival party can be found here. Bright wings of feathers can make you a real angel or to feel like a model from Victorias secret and to show your loved one the catwalk in sexy lingerie. I think it will be great delight. There are also different accessories - such as hats for a costume, for example. Or, you can incarnate into a sexy Bunny with Playboy magazine, and accessory you can buy rabbit ears on headband with chipurnoi tissue. The main thing to complete the image enhancement, which are available in our Department in large quantity. All that is needed to satisfy different tastes, with a variety of colors and a huge number of goods. Choose what you like according to taste and possibilities. To buy in the store Carnival accessory, Products for carnival, Carnival accesswrite for search queries: .

★ Available → Carnival accessory

Pen brush maid
Feather angel wings
Angel wings red
Mask of black lace
Santa Hat
Black mask
Warm fancy hat - lion
Black lace mask for role-playing games
Accessory-a sword for the carnival
Stethoscope for nurse costume for role-playing games
Feather ornament on the head
The original black mask
Overhead fingers with black nails
Santa Hat
Accessory for Halloween: fingers with black nails
Beanie rabbit
Cap mikimaus
Axe brave Viking
An axe warrior with an interesting totem
Mask Bat
Lace mask Butterfly
Charming mask
Elegant mask on the face
Lace the mask on your face
Mask Fishnet passion
Colored ears Bunny
Garter 3078
The Mask Of The Seductress
Venetian mask Paramour
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★ out of stock / on order → Carnival accessory

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Stylish set of jewelry silver - peace signs
Accessories - White angel
Gothic party mask
Elegant mask - Kitty
Stethoscope for nurse costume
White Pirate Costume hat with Cloak
Sexy set
Angel wings

Andrew: Order No. 45545 received (vinyl dress and gloves). The girl was pleased with the dress and gloves. Sends thanks and wishes of success. Thank you! Will continue to use Your services.


Thank You for timely payment.

Andrew: Promptly executed the order. All issues are resolved, specifies the possible options. Thanks guys!!!

G: the waiting period of the product under spcas 20 days or it can be reduced? / Article: IXI13704


Hello, in average 15-20 days.

Marina : In the description of the set s sizes S, M, L. Ie you have 3 different sizes of this costume? / Article: IXI17164


At the moment it is not available when applying for a pre-order You can specify the desired size.

Tatiana: What specific metal chains? Art IXI46818 / Article: IXI46818


stainless steel

pegasus: a discount there are...))) / Article: Andro-P


Only for regular customers

Oleg: White Espetaculo Thong. White Espetaculo Thong,these panties as the front view / Article: IXI13103


Hello. They have a front view like this item

Anna: What length ? I have wide hips / Article: IXI10402


adjustable back chain, R-R universal

MSLIM: Very high quality pants. / Article: IXI12185

Elena: Do you have decoration REN200508? Courier delivery in Kyiv is open on Saturdays?


Unfortunately they are not in stock, Saturday delivery is available upon request on Friday and the fare is slightly higher - 30 UAH.

Anonymous: I want to try. And for what size? My 19 cm will Fit? / Article: DEL2807


For all sizes fits.

Olga: When the boundary size, for example, I have extreme border M and the initial L, waist - 74, chest: 92 what size should take?


Depends on the group of goods, if the corset is better than L.

Natalie: Please tell me, what year is this swimsuit model??__This is the last of the 2011 models?? / Article: IXI11897


Hello, 2010.

Galina: Good evening, please find out why I had no accrual for bonuses for the purchase 2 weeks ago. Email and SMS about the payment there. Thank you.


At checkout without logging on to the bonus accrual is delayed. Bonuses accrued.

PhoenixXXX: I want to ask a sandals there 44-45 size, or may have the opportunity to order????



jms: has anyone tried the want for girls to buy / Article: IXI11921


Very comfortable and practical panties.

Alexander: Thank you for the prompt resolution of the claim!

irina: What balls are better more effective for strengthening the muscles?


Recommend ordinary silicone balls with a displaced center of gravity and a silicone thread, such as: DEL3890, DEL4108 and others.

rashad276: certainly no effect gave her see it as an oak drank myself a headache / Article: DEL391


Please pay Your attention to the fact that alcohol blocks the effects of drugs.

ky: Good day! tell me all vaginalanal expanders tube for inflating the air located in the butt? is there a model for invisible wearing under clothes?


Hello, unfortunately all the presented models, the handset is in the end product.

Anonymous: Thank you everyone came..

Sergey: ooh

Olga: Good evening,please tell me and when I will zagazig 64395 ,was still on nedelku send ,thanks in advance.__


Wait for a text with a number return.

Andrew: Good day. Order No. 66677.__This purchase was a disaster so much that its hard to imagine worse. With me its never happened yet in any store. Of such negligence, had not even heard.____First. Lets start with the delivery:__We have agreed on courier delivery to 5ту hour. In 4 hours I get a call the courier and says that he is near and can deliver the goods now. As well as following its delivery at the other end of the city -- very asked to be in place. Said suit within 15 minutes. I was in a meeting, but close to the house -- I agreed hoping that hed actually come in for 15 minutes. Me on my appointment waited an hour via your courier. For he has delivered the package to the 5th hours, as agreed from the beginning. By this time my meeting would have ended(!!!). Samco that your courier also did not have change, so I have paid extra somewhere for 10 UAH more. Additional mnusic in your direction.__Of course in this situation the rights I dont have time to check everything-waiting for me.____And when I came home I was waiting for further surprises. Continue.____The Second: Package.__I bought the item for a gift. For the action item. And you brought me a product with absolutely no marketable packaging. And Im supposed to give? The packaging looks like on it first chougule sandpaper, and then another pililis year in the warehouse. With bad derdim price tag.__You HAVE to warn about is not commodity packaging on the phone, not in there to sell this under protest. In normal stores do. I write markdown for marriage: a marriage or a markdown due to bad/missing packaging. And this... this is just awful.____Think: okay, we need to check the product itself. But the surprises did not end there. So...____ Third: the battery compartment.__In the cassette for batteries these batteries barely fit. And when fit is one of the transfer plates, the current is shifting. And there are 2 options: either to straighten the plate (to make efforts), or closes the battery compartment in the product. __Beauty.____Fourth: the lack of firmware. __There are 2 motor. One of the engines cannot be disabled through marriage in the firmware. Another smooth can be translated into off mode.____I demand replacement of the goods to another delivery at your expense and refund the difference in price. What that would be at this time with the appropriate delivery, and not as it was today. __And if this happens again, youre losing loyalty, which I am. And I wanted to spit at a discount of 10 percent, which you handed me.

Victoria: Tell me 87-64-92 will not be too big? / Article: IXI29156


Size is universal, your options suit.

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