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SALE! Red thread fish, lucky bracelet, 10 PCs
Shimmering bracelet
Wavy bracelet on the wrist
Outdoor shimmering bracelet with a Scorpion
Bracelet with hearts
Lace bracelet
Charming bracelet with pearl beads
Bracelet gold color with rhinestones
Retro bracelet with rhinestones and flowers
Bracelet of thorns
Braided bracelet with stones
Twinkling bracelet with rhinestones
Woven bracelet with beads and rhinestones
Red bracelet with metallic sequins
A stunning Golden bangle with beads (brown)
SALE! Golden bracelet
SALE! Silver bracelet on the arm
Braided bracelet with cross
Two-tone bracelet with metal clasp, black / orange
Stylish wide bracelet
Silver Anchor charm bracelet
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping copper
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping silver
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping gold
SALE! Xuping fashion bangle with silver stones
Metal open bangle with flowers
Woven bracelet with cross
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping
Double bracelet with stones raclet
White bracelet with rivets
Bracelet with purple acrylic stones
SALE! Beaded bracelet Xuping
Delicate womens watch with flowers
Antique bracelet
Colorful watch with braided strap
Woven bracelet
Woven bracelet Pearl
A miniature watch with strap and studs
Bracelet with beads and cross
Braided bracelet with pyramid studs light green
Bracelet with strap and sequins
Fashion braided bracelet Wings
Colored bracelet with stones
Striking bracelet with colored stones
Golden bracelet with colorful woven
Charming bracelet with bow
Stylish bracelet made of beads and rhinestones
Rope bracelet with cat
Rope bracelet with ladybug
Bracelet with beads
Womens bracelet charm
Charming bracelet made of beads
Bracelet Charm gold
Bracelet with a geometric print
Bracelet with rectangular links
Womens bracelet - mother of Pearl
Wide retro bracelet
A solid bracelet with a shimmering coating
Leather bracelet - Anchor
Silver bracelet
Colorful bracelets
Black bracelet with skull
Stylish bracelet with hearts
Bracelet Zmeinaya skin
Bracelet - Golden butterfly
Bracelet - Melody
Womens bracelet with pendant
Bracelet with pearl beads
A classic bracelet with a pendant
Black and gold bracelet
Braided bracelet with pyramids
Bracelet - Sea breeze
Classic bracelet - Anchor
Bracelet - Paris
Stunning bracelet with stones
Gold bracelet charm
Stylish silver bracelet
Bracelet Charm
Stylish womens bracelet
Trendy cross bracelet
Original braided bracelet
Fashion bracelet - Sea breeze
Stylish bracelet Zipper
SALE! Bracelet black
SALE! Original bracelet with beads


Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Chain bracelet with skull
Category Bracelets combines the right accessories for beautiful women. High-quality bracelets in our shop please the buyer for its rich choice. Different themes and style bracelets will help you choose each bracelet under a certain image. Beautiful and glamorous , decorated with bright stones will make you a bright person. Exquisite bracelets are perfectly combined with evening dresses. No doubt there are bracelets not only for secular outputs. but for everyday use as a talisman. There are also bracelets which can be used not only on the wrist and a sweet and graceful legs, making her sexier and more interesting. The variety of forms gives a choice for different tastes and focusing not only on appearance and on price. The variety of the assortment make you long to choose. To buy in the store Bracelets, Wrist jewelry, bracelets for search queries: Pandora bracelet, bracelets out of rubber bands, womens bracelets, silver bracelets, leather bracelets.


Elena: Please tell me, is spandeksa vinyl or fabric with a hint of vinyl - I just bought the dress you like vinyl, and it was spandex. So please continue more responsible attitude to the description of the costumes. / Article: IXI16478


Spandex - polyurethane fiber and not the fabric ! with high elongation, trade name spandex, lycra and so on. The kind of vinyl about 5 species. Specify upon order any vinyl you need or upon the acquisition and does not meet Your subspecies vinyl.

Anton: What the price on this grease you have unreasonably high because the competition for 199грн, but if you search and 150grn. And thats without the discount cards of 10%. Скажbте, buy from them... and so they did. / Article: DEL2425


The recommended retail price of the manufacturer 271 UAH.

Valentin: Good afternoon.____Please tell me why it is not practicable to order No. 73755.__Payment for the goods according to the data of the New mail received 18.06.2014,__To e-mail You do not answer.____PS.: When ordering by the way You never said for sending the money must also be paid, which has increased the cost of my order for 42 UAH.... A trifle, and unpleasant.


Hello ! Bonuses are awarded only after payment and after New Mail will transfer the money. Wait !

Galina : Today I received a order No. 62052, atrical IXI19078, Express delivery. payment by cash on delivery only checked the appearance of the product. When fitting: the size does not fit (TOO BIG, your table sizes you need to make bugfixes for jumpsuits, because when my s-ke he is great size for two) on the inside THREADS STICKING out at the seams. How to refund?


Please contact us during working hours at: (044) 353-55-33

vrivnt: Hello! No. 37539.Whats wrong with him?


Order shipped on time, should be already at Your post office.

Tanya: Already been a month since I made the order on the website. 7 June took the parcel, its been over two weeks and the bonuses and not count. Why?


Bonuses for postal delivery, are charged with a considerable delay expect notification of accrued bonuses.

Anton: Delivered the product different from what is in the photo :( / Article: IXI30649


Hello ! This product fits the description, size and appearance, only that the provider improved the packaging, making it the Deluxe version.

andry: instead of ordering IXI12175, its not clear what. Such sales is not on the site.


Hello, please tell us Your order number and detail will be amazed what product You received.

Marina : In the description of the set s sizes S, M, L. Ie you have 3 different sizes of this costume? / Article: IXI17164


At the moment it is not available when applying for a pre-order You can specify the desired size.

Vika: Are included g-string? They piece to the skirt or separate? / Article: IXI15523


Are supplied separately panties.

РІРІ75: If Uvas sizes more ? for example XL. / Article: IXI22152


Next to each item in the specifications, lists the possible dimensions of the item.

Eugene: Thank you, all came quickly

Victor: How much to order, you can call and advise 0999200440


The price of 2100 UAH.

Xxx: And the larger they are? Interested in DD or F size (seen at the foreign site of the same manufacturer) / Article: IXI24196


Hello, the sizes are more but the cost due to the weight of products and cost of shipping increases significantly (

Vladimir: Wrong description / Article: IXI26186

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Stylish earrings with blue stones
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