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Collars / Black collar with a lace frill

Black collar with a lace frill. Артикул: IXI13876

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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI13876
Weight: 0.15 kg.
Material: faux leather
Color: black
Wide black collar of high quality material. Frill decorated with green lace. There is a ring for attaching chain or leash.

Black collar with a lace frill. Артикул: IXI13876


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BDSM psychosexual subculture based on the erotic exchange of power and other forms of sexual relations involving role play in domination and submission. BDSM-relationship - is, in fact, social role playing game that revolves around the element of power. Power in turn is an integral part of any human interaction. Collar — used for tying a partner, physical or moral limitations to its freedom. Also worn (and sometimes outside the BDSM-session), as a symbol of the subordinate position of partner, or the desire to obey. Most often leather, less likely to use latex and other materials. Decorated with chains, metal spikes of different lengths and sizes, rings of different diameters. Able to emphasize the fragility as a helpless slave, and the greatness of a strict mistress. Immerse yourself in the colorful and full of feelings the world of BDSM, where pain borders on pleasure and desire burning flesh. To buy in the store for search queries: .


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