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Color: black Material: polyester spandex For: women

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Black stracey belt


Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Yellow high heeled Shoes
Belts are one of the oldest types of accessories. They differ only in that the straps have buckles or studs to which it is fastened, and the belt is usually fastened. There are zone wide, medium, narrow and corset belts. On the form you can pick up a classic straight waist, curved strap on the figure, the notched belt of unusual shape, wide and soft belt that wrapped around the waist several times. There is also a belt and lace leather, cloth, braided rope, tie a knot. There is a composite belt and a belt from individual segments. You can choose a rigid, semi-rigid or soft belt. Belt made of genuine leather, artificial leather, fabric, metal, plastic and shoelaces. In our online store You can pick up this accessory for every taste. To buy in the store Belts, Straps and belts, Straps for search queries: .


Vladimir: Buying goods in the online store. It quickly got so fulfilled and continue to keep. Satisfied with the product. Pleasant staff. Sorry that it took so long to write thanks. Holidays were. Thank you.


Thank you very much for the nice review.

Hope: Order (No. 40859) made on DECEMBER 5!!! Promised to the NG to handle....gone!!! If you canT deliver - needs to CALL back to warn!!!


Hello, this product is expected under the order as soon as we receive shipment, we will immediately contact You.

Galina: Good evening, please find out why I had no accrual for bonuses for the purchase 2 weeks ago. Email and SMS about the payment there. Thank you.


At checkout without logging on to the bonus accrual is delayed. Bonuses accrued.

Pawlenty: why I have already made 3 orders and so far I dont count bonuses????


Bonuses will be issued in the near future, we will notify You about it.

Bagel Anastasia: Olatile order No. 100179

Anna: I made a purchase in the store and I liked the order very quickly came

Egor: Good evening! This spring I plan to order some BDSM goods( leather mask), but I live in the Donetsk region on the Ukrainian territory (Mariupol). Tell me please, is there any guarantee of delivery to Mariupol?


We ship company of New Mail in those cities in which the offices of the New Mail delivery problems there.

skretch: when you earn a bonus system?


on the website is moderated, specialists expect the system restore ! thank you for your patience !

Vadim: such a brilliant costume as in the picture? or a dull color ? / Article: IXI16452


All products are made of vinyl has a shiny look.

Sergey: new mail sucks 3 times ride 4 hope to receive your order


Hello, whats the problem? What You say in the Department of Navalpattu in Your city, we sent time on June 18.

Pasha: not profitable to order novoapostol still need to pay for something that would be new money for the goods sent.why is it so???


Cash on delivery (Navapache, postal service or any other transport company) is always a high fee for money transfer. Purchasing prepaid exempt from the fee for cash on delivery.

Anonymous: Paid order No. 100086

Eugene: Hello, the order number No. 21939 came to the e-mail that is sent. The mail has not yet reached!!!


Maybe You just do not received a notice from the post office, they are very often lost, it is recommended to apply with a passport at Your post office.

Anastasia: Good evening! Received an order from 86636 26.11.15. Dress ixi33447 not fit in size-very large. Where to send the refund and how the refund?


We will contact you today

Oleg: Its good stuff!!! Very happy!!! / Article: IXI14081

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