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LHX Pills for breast enlargement Evagor 90sht
94 USD
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LHX Gel for breast Evagor 60ml
48 USD
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Sanitizer toy Cleaner Sprey
18 USD
under the order
Using various BDSM accessories for breast women want to attract mens attention. Now it can be done with the help of unusual and unique fixtures and look sexy and attractive for their men. These accessories complement the image of each girl and a sight to behold in the intimate part of the body. Jewelry different colors and various shapes of circles, hearts, stars, stripes, letters and flowers. Also in our online store You can find stickers to lift the chest. They are completely invisible, raise the chest, easy to use, hold their shape throughout the day, and they can also be used at sea. Stickers are well attached to your skin, lift and tighten Breasts. In this section there is a cream for elasticity of a breast, and also silicone pads. To buy in the store Beautiful Breasts, Accessory breast, the Stimulation of the nipples for search queries: .


Novel: It is a mens or womens and what size (waist)?
→ Hello, this product is unisex and suitable for size S-L

Anonymous: 59000248199781 Route: Kiev - Kiev delivery Address: Office No. 54 (up to 30 kg): Prospekt Akademika Palladina, 25A (m. Akademgorodok) Current location: Administration received 01.04.2017 15:37:26.
→ Closing of orders occurs within 10 days of receipt of payment.

Oksana: The view from the back
→ Image only those represented on the website, additional pictures.

Paul: Thanks for the quick response, I liked the service and speed. Only one remark: it is not necessary if the client does not know the order number, to try to clarify the order, asking what is ordered, since the list is not always convenient (the client can be in a public place or at work). Thank you for the service.
→ Thank you, the Manager in the first place after the number of the order had to specify full name, phone number or name and not the content of the order will control the work of operators and in the future try to eliminate this situation.

Kate: it is only the belt with the pages or panties sewn to it???
→ Panty included but not sewn on.

SALE! Xuping fashion pendant silver
10 USD
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SALE! Exclusive vibrator EVA
80 USD
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SALE! Sticker You are awesome
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SALE! Vinyl sticker - Orange hearts
12 USD
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SALE! Poster Accept on glossy photo paper
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SALE! A charming set cherry
36 USD
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SALE! Silver bracelet on the arm
12 USD
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Brooch with pearl stones
in stock
Earrings in the shape of twigs
in stock
SALE! Perfume, Agent Provocateur perfume - Maitresse Eau Provocateur, 100ml
24 USD
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Vacuum pump for breast
58 USD
in stock
Vacuum pump for breast pink
82 USD
in stock
Vacuum vibrating enlarger bust
88 USD
in stock
Pump for breast enlargement
56 USD
in stock
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