Using various BDSM accessories for breast women want to attract mens attention. Now it can be done with the help of unusual and unique fixtures and look sexy and attractive for their men. These accessories complement the image of each girl and a sight to behold in the intimate part of the body. Jewelry different colors and various shapes of circles, hearts, stars, stripes, letters and flowers. Also in our online store You can find stickers to lift the chest. They are completely invisible, raise the chest, easy to use, hold their shape throughout the day, and they can also be used at sea. Stickers are well attached to your skin, lift and tighten Breasts. In this section there is a cream for elasticity of a breast, and also silicone pads. To buy in the store Beautiful Breasts, Accessory breast, the Stimulation of the nipples for search queries: .

★ Available → Beautiful Breasts

Breast cream - 60 ml.
Simulator of the breast B(2) 2 PCs
Stikine, with the effect of firm Breasts
Big Breasts 150ml
LSDI/ push - up 150ml
Cream for breast enlargement BUST CREAM SALON 200ml
LHX Gel for breast Evagor 60ml
Vacuum pump for breast
Vacuum vibrating enlarger bust
LHX Pills for breast enlargement Evagor 90sht
Vacuum pump for breast.
Vacuum nozzle for breast Easy Grow Single
Double pump for breast
Pump for breast enlargement

★ out of stock / on order → Beautiful Breasts

, 2-3 !
Vacuum breast massager, 13 cm
Gel for breast enlargement Stimul8 Breast Enhancer
Female vacuum pump
Breast Enlarger
Simulator breast(3) 2 PCs
Vacuum pump for breast pink
Breast Enlarger
Simulator breast-D
Breast Enlarger
Breast Enlarger
Perfect Bust Gel 150ml

Andrew: Order No. 45545 received (vinyl dress and gloves). The girl was pleased with the dress and gloves. Sends thanks and wishes of success. Thank you! Will continue to use Your services.

Thank You for timely payment.

Elena: the order is executed very quickly!!!!!!! less than a week. thank you. I hope perfume with pheromones will help me.........

Anton: Delivered the product different from what is in the photo :( / Article: IXI30649

Hello ! This product fits the description, size and appearance, only that the provider improved the packaging, making it the Deluxe version.

Novel: Paid. Check payment

Basil: Ordered posters. Delivery was normal, but with a slight delay. The quality of the product great) Hope for further cooperation !)

We try to do everything that depends on us, unfortunately the speed of delivery we can not influence.

Tanya: Hello. Im interested in how things are going with my order number 24847? Thank you.

Your order has been sent, expect a parcel in the post office next week.

Rastaman: Ordered a swimsuit and a collar. Got it. My bitch is happy.

Anonymous: Ordering 99462 paid

Vova: tell me why the order has been paid, and bonuses are not accrued?

Hello, bonuses nachinautsa after the accounts Department confirms the payment, it takes up to 2 weeks.

buthet: And without a passport is possible, and Ive lost but will be back on soon.

Unfortunately the rules mail be obliged to present a passport upon delivery.

Olga: Thank you very much! Everything fits, will still apply!)

Victoria: Good evening! This tube is hollow? / Article: IXI16035

Hello, not hollow, tube is completely metal.

SS: Large and iskrenee appreciation from all the visitors of our portal! IXI.UA one of the small popular shops womens clothing on our website. We regularly receive positive feedback with gratitude are addressed to you! And all this thanks to the large assortment, affordable prices and incomparable quality. And consumer confidence means not enough). With best wishes, an Aggregator of womens clothing.

PhoenixXXX: I want to ask a sandals there 44-45 size, or may have the opportunity to order????


Dmitry: Gentlemen... something in my order does not add up... Like already and the number of the Declaration promised, and again the impenetrable silence.... (23185)

Your order is expected to supply of goods which because of the holidays so late. As soon as we receive the item will send the parcel.

Michael: Hello, I am 16 th made the order, No. 18261, but with me, nobody contacted, when I wait for him? Thank you.

Hello, You were sent a letter asking confirmation of order, please leave a contact number or call us.

Lilinka: I cant get through((( Yesterday miraculously got through on the mobile, he said that the base does not work... the Shop is open or not?!

Hello, we have no problems with communication there, 90% of calls successfully processed.


Alexander: Hello.How do I bonuses tied to my account ? register after purchase.Received an SMS about the bonus order number 56996. Login layamik

This procedure is performed automatically within 2 days.

maratka: poor quality.hard bent.why in the graph expanders if there is no function like this.please change to a BUTT PLUG (DEL 22).or SIMPLY ANAL(IXI17660),a regular customer

please indicate your order number

Eugene: Thank you, all came quickly

Natasha: and this jacket-order it?))) / Article: IXI14875

Unfortunately no.

Victoria: Hello. Did not fit the size of the bodice of the swimsuit IXI122162. Can I change to some other product?

You can place a new order and send the goods to the warehouse for new mail to your return address.

Vitalik: What is the material? / Article: DEL3091

Material - silicone.

Andrey: Zipper goes through the crotch in this 2 runner What material / Article: IXI15875

The material is vinyl, the lightning does not pass through the crotch, one runner.

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