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Apron with Breasts. Артикул: IXI48686

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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI48686
Brand: Orion
Material: polyester spandex
Production: Germany
Color: corporal
If youre to wear the white apron in the kitchen preparing food each time, any man will supply you with only the highest score. Humorous apron with a picture of the female body in a Thong with a noticeable chest. Material: 100% polyester


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Intimate games intimate gifts are very popular among the population who are active in sex life. There is a huge variety of such games and have just as much fun as the regular game. Intimate games increase the interest of partners and elevate the relationship to a new level. Such intimate games excite the imagination and allow you to refresh your relationship, bring passion into the sexual life, transforming it for the better and add new colors. Such acquisition can also be a great gift to friends or loved one. The range includes various forfeits, in which the number of players is not limited. But couples recommended to play intimate games together. With intimate gifts You will be able to relax, become more confident and better know your partner. To buy in the store for search queries: .


Julia: today I received a bathing suit..the color absolutely does not correspond to what was in the directory ..what does that mean?ordered peach came a bright orange...not the same thing.why didnt you warn.
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