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Lubricants / Anal gel lubricant Anal Gel

Anal gel lubricant Anal Gel. Артикул: DEL2422

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Features: Description:
Артикул: DEL2422
Brand: Concorde
Appointment: anal
The volume: 50 ml
Basis: water
Production: France
Compatible with latex: Yes
Anal gel lubricant Lubrix French production. Grease is ideal lubrication for intercourse if anal contact, as it contains special components which reduce to zero pain.


Lubrix gel vaginal
Gel lubricant Lubrix
Lyubrikant Super-Rutscher
Warming gel hot Gel
Moisturizing gel AguaGlide Anal
A lubricant is a necessary and effective tool that improves sexual intercourse and makes penetration easier and more enjoyable. There are two types of lubricants. This lubricant is water and silicone bases. The water-based lubricant is versatile and unique. The composition of these preparations includes only high quality components that are absolutely safe for Your health. Lubrication there are a variety of fillings and flavors. Another type of lubricant is a silicone based lubricant. They are gaining in popularity. They are versatile and are used in all types of sex and intimate toys. This kind of helps women who have insufficient amount of natural lubrication. The silicone based lubricant has a healing effect. Choose a lubricant based on Your goals and preferences. To buy in the store for search queries: .


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jack: the website responded quickly, product was delivered without problems (although why does it cost more for 2 UAH? I do not mind but if you have 100 buyers at 2grn would be nice, but these are another story...)__product formed is, harnesses are adjustable for the desired lift, the only BUT is the quality for the money could be better! / Article: IXI13028

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Can satisfy Your desire

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